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Best Gut Health Product

Nominated products in this category.

Support for digestive function

Terranova Digestive Enzymes with Microflora is a comprehensive, broad-spectrum formula to support digestive function, enzyme imbalances and deficiencies while supporting the gut microbiome. The Magnifood complex includes both digestive/carminative botanicals and bifidogenic foods to support the activity and function of the enzymes and beneficial bacteria (fennel, ginger, burdock, cardamom and artichoke), with FOS to support beneficial microflora activity.

A science-backed supplement

Gi Nutra Pro-Bio Mega from NaturesPlus is a superior quality, science-backed supplement, providing robust nutritional support. It includes clinically researched strains that have demonstrated an improvement in IBS quality of life comparable to standard prescriptions. It is one of the most powerful products on the market and delivers 35 unique strains and 120 billion live bacteria per capsule. Priced at €43.95.

Daily digestive support

Optibac Probiotics Every Day is a high-quality, all-round daily digestive supplement, formulated with six extensively researched probiotic strains proven to reach the gut alive; plus, prebiotic FOS fibres which increase the body’s natural gut bacteria. A more natural option, free from added sugars. Competitively priced and now in greener packaging, from the UK and Ireland’s most recommended probiotic brand, according to an independent survey of 1,000 people across the UK. Priced from €15.95 for a pack of 30 and €44.95 for a pack of 90.

The results will be announced in our March/April 2023 issue.

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