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August 2017

College of Naturopathic Medicine – Free Open Days

August 9 – Cork
August 9 – Dublin
August 24 – Cork
August 31 – Galway

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Menopause and health store humour

“Menopause is that time in your life when all hell breaks out with your hormones, when your body cannot decide whether you are a prepubescent youth and sends you pimply skin, a fertile goddess and sends you painful periods, or an old crone and sends you night sweats and hot flushes,” says Yvonne Deegan of Von’s Health Store in Limerick.

“Hormonal changes can cause you to question your sanity with damage to your confidence and self-worth, while regularly switching your tear ducts on for absolutely no good reason.”

Life coach Gaye Moore, nutritionist Yvonne Deegan and chef Ciara Brennan are tackling this taboo subject head-on in a fun, natural way to ease the physical, mental and emotional trauma of menopause. They will be holding talks in Von’s Health Store and have launched a free ebook on their website www.fookfifty.com

Coeliac or not?

Find out whether you are a coeliac by using the Coeliac Society of Ireland’s new free online self-assessment tool. You will be asked a number of questions relating to your current health and if they match to some of those of coeliac disease, you will be encouraged to seek a medical diagnosis and provided with supporting information.

www.isitcoeliacdisease.ie or coeliac.ie

Traveller's tummy

It’s that time of year! Dust off the suitcase, break out the bathing suit, and get the flips ready to flop. These all-important elements to a great holiday are easy to remember, but one thing we should not forget is how to keep our tummies healthy and happy as we travel abroad to foreign lands.

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Hay fever survival tips

How to stop pollen from getting into your body:

• When indoors, close windows to stop pollen getting through.

• When going outside, tie your hair up and wear a hat to prevent pollen particles being caught in your hair.

• Wear wraparound sunglasses to prevent pollen particles coming in contact with your eyes.

• Use an organic, drug-free allergen barrier balm on your nostrils to trap pollen particles before they enter the body.

• Dry clothes indoors rather than on a clothes line outside.

• Vacuum the house regularly, especially beds and fabrics to remove pollen particles.

• If you own a pet ensure that it is well groomed and shampooed to remove pet allergens and pollen particles.

• Shower at night before sleeping to remove pollen particles from your hair and body.

Protect your eyes this summer

A survey by online lighting superstore Scotlight Direct asked 1,500 Irish people questions about their sunglasses and found that 60% have no idea whether their sunglasses have any UV protection, and one-third of Irish adults own a pair of replica sunglasses – cheaper copies of classic designer brands. This is of concern because if they don’t carry proper UV protection, you risk causing real damage to your sight.

Almost half of those interviewed (49%) believe that darker lenses provide more protection – even though that’s not actually the case. And over half (56%) don’t know whether the sunglasses they currently own offer high UV protection. Check out www.scotlightdirect.co.uk/infographics/sunglasses-health-benefits

How IBS affects Irish adults

An independent survey of 1000 people in Ireland by Silicolgel, a product used to help treat gastrointestinal disorders has found that 66.5% said that stress is causing stomachache, bloating and nausea which is affecting their ability to work, with 40% admitting to taking time off work due to digestive and bowel problems caused by stress. Nearly half of those surveyed (42.5%) admitted that digestive problems or an upset stomach have ruined a night of passion and three-fifths of people (60%) had to change and adjust their plans to cope with the challenges that these symptoms bring. Recent figures reveal that IBS affects 5-20% of the Irish population, yet it has only been diagnosed in about 5-7% of those who suffer.

For more information visit www.silicol.co.uk

Dairy and heart disease

A new study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology into eating milk, yogurt and cheese comprises a meta-analysis of 29 cohort studies and questions the link between dairy, saturated fat and heart health. In line with a growing body of science, the study shows that dairy has a neutral or protective association on long-term heart health. The meta-analysis, based on 35 years’ worth of research, found no links between milk, total dairy, high- or low-fat dairy and coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease.

Grow an aloe vera plant

Did you know that the inner part of the aloe vera leaf contains eight essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, salicylic acid, sugars, saponins and sterols? Aloe vera can be used for soothing burns including sunburn, treating minor abrasions and bruises, treating stings and bites. Either pull off a leaf and squeeze directly onto the skin, or buy a gel from your local health store.

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