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Alive and Well, Carlow

This issue owner Jenna Killeen and store assistants Marcela Soilisova and Paula Byrne test an Irish echinacea, natural face cream, B complex and ginger kombucha.

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm.


Jenna says: “As we are all sanitising our hands so often, I noticed my nails peeling and splitting. I started to take Revive Active Beauty Complex and the improvement has been dramatic. The high levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid have not only improved the strength of my nails, but my skin is also glowing and fine lines have disappeared. The taste of pineapple and orange is also amazing.”


Marcela says: “Macanta is such a good quality Irish brand B Complex supplement. It is wonderful for lifting my mood and it makes me feel calmer and more energised. There are no fillers, binders or excipients in this supplement, so the nutrient intake is really high. It is the first B complex that I have taken that I feel an instant benefit”.


Jenna says: “As I am very aware of the importance of looking after my gut for immune and digestive health, I find Sisú Ginger Kombucha a fabulous way of getting good bacteria back into my gut. I take it before my main meal of the day, and I feel it prepares my digestive system and I don’t suffer with bloating as much. It tastes delicious and is the perfect way of incorporating live fermented foods into my diet.”


Paula says: “Terranova Life Drink is such a lovely powder form food supplement with a difference. It has freeze dried greens, berries, mushrooms and also digestive enzymes, omega oils and probiotics. I have been taking it for a week now and I have noticed a vast improvement in my energy levels. I simply mix it up in a smoothie first thing in the morning. I find it the perfect boost as a vegetarian providing all the vitamins and nutrients I need.”


Marcela says: “Dublin Herbalists is a wonderful Irish brand offering high-end skincare and body products using natural ingredients. I’ve been using the Regenerating Face Cream and feel like I have less wrinkles and glowing skin which I attribute to the hyaluronic acid content. The texture of this cream feels wonderful on my skin. The smell is so uplifting due to the blend of essential oils, in particular, geranium.”


Jenna says: “Irish Botanica Echinacea is the number one thing I reach for at the first signs of a cold or flu. As soon as you take it you realise the strength of the ingredient when you experience that tingle on your tongue! It stops a cold in its tracks and I feel back to myself within a day or two.”

Simple Simons, Donegal

This issue team members Toni Rock Hubbard, Vinney McGready, Brian Rock Hubbard, Rachel McMullan, Angela McGlanaghey and Kelly Callaghan test sisal soap pouches, a digestive enzyme, magnesium powder and fermented blend.

Store open Monday to Saturday 9.30am-6pm


Vinney says: “Amberline Kimchi is my product of choice. It is a fermented product, so great for promoting gut health. It’s also packed with umami flavour but mildly spiced enough to make a great addition to most meals without overpowering them.”


Toni says: “My favourite product in store at the minute is our Sisal Rope Soap Pouches. These ethically produced pouches are great for cutting down on your soap wastage by letting you use up all those tiny slivers of soap you end up with! They also make great exfoliators.”


Brian says: “My absolute favourite product we have in store is White Mausu Peanut Rayu. It’s a delicious condiment made from peanuts, sesame and Korean chilli. It goes with just about any dish you could think of and is also made in Ireland.”


Rachel says: “Mag365 is hands down my all-time favourite supplement. Magnesium deficiency is hugely common as we generally cannot source enough of it from our food alone. I take the bone formula one in particular as it also contains vitamin D, zinc and vitamin K. Magnesium can help the uptake of vitamin D as well so it’s really beneficial to the body. I also find it excellent for sleep.”


Angela says: “As someone who has a dairy intolerance but loves cheese, Say Yes To Dairy has been an absolute lifesaver! As a general rule I try to avoid dairy, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Say Yes To Dairy is a digestive enzyme especially formulated to break down lactase in food. It can really help with the discomfort that follows eating dairy.”


Kelly says: “We absolutely love Spoonful Botanical here at Simple Simons. The product was dreamt up by Conor and Jayne from Co. Louth while on their travels to Asia. They became interested in the power of food as a natural medicine and hence Spoonful Botanical was born. It’s packed full of nutrients and turmeric which is a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s one of our top sellers of 2020 and we just love it!”

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