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"My happy health routine"

Clodagh McKenna, who was born in Cork, is a chef, cookbook author and TV presenter. Her latest book In Minutes is out now from Kyle Books. She is the resident chef on ITV's This Morning. She lives in England with her husband Harry Herbert.
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Stay sharp

How to look after your mind and memory during unprecedented times
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Hot stuff

The menopause has become a hot health topic in Ireland in recent times, with greater awareness of its challenges for women. Rude Health magazine looks at what to expect and the best nutrition and supplementation on offer
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Gut reaction

When your digestive system is not working properly you can feel miserable. Rude Health magazine consults the experts for their tips on dealing with the most common stomach-related health issues
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Independent health store advice on sensitive issues

Here at Bee Healthy we accept and embrace the squeamish sides of our bodies! If you suffer from dandruff, bad breath, incontinence or any other so-called 'embarrassing' ailment, we are here to listen and help. Moreover, we want you to know you are not alone.
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Tried & Tested

How Health Stores Ireland staff rate what they sell

This issue herb dispenser and store assistant Iris Merz, nutritional therapist Michelle Hanley, functional nutritionist Tara Canning, medical herbalist Lara Jonasdottir, store assistants Annie Dillon and Amy Lee and herbal medicine student Jackie Maurer from Dr Clare Apothecary in Galway test seaweed salad, mastic gum, a skin blend and high strength vitamin D, while issue owner-manager Suzan Turan, registered homeopath Birgit Buschmann and team member Julie Holstead of Aquarian in Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry review natural toiletries, vitamin D, sleep tea, a magnesium powder and digestive support
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