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Rude Health Magazine Features

Queen of suppers

Clodagh McKenna, who was born in Cork, is a chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and broadcaster who develops wholesome recipes using seasonal produce for entertaining at home with family and friends. Her new book Clodagh's Suppers: Suppers to celebrate the seasons is published by Kyle Books and her new TV show Beat The Chef will be shown in Channel 4 in the spring.
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Hot new fitness trends for 2019

Like to try out new exercise routines? Check out these expert recommended options coming to a gym or studio near you
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Time for a stress test?

If you’re feeling that juggling life’s demands is just too much, then perhaps you need to consider whether you need to take steps to combat your stress levels, fight fatigue and boost energy
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Skin clinic

Most of us are exposed to the effects of pollution and toxins in numerous ways, but it’s possible to cut it out of your beauty routine and relieve skin problems. Rude Health magazine finds out how
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The woman in you

Read on for Rude Health magazine’s expert advice for the top 10 of women’s health issues – for every stage in your life
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Your winter bacteria buddies

Just what can probiotics and prebiotics do for your intestinal and overall health?
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Independent health store advice on allergies, hay fever and sinus relief

Sneezes, runny nose, itchy eyes, tickly cough, skin rashes, headaches and congestion – we all know the symptoms, especially the sufferers afflicted in early summer who have an allergy to pollen.
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Going vegan

Ever thought of becoming a vegan or trying a vegan diet? We find how others did it and how they feel they benefit
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Tried & Tested

How Health Stores Ireland staff rate what they sell

Manager Mary Wedel and sales assistants Tania Murphy, Shirley Kingston and Marion Shanahan of An Tobairin, Bandon, Co Cork review washable menstrual pads, a natural moisturiser, shampoo and conditioner in a bar, organic cider and cold prevention, while Nature's Gold, Rathcoole store manager Janice Ziegler, nutritional therapist and assistant manager Sarah Deegan and sales assistant and homeopath Hilke Luthe review a probiotic, a fish oil, make-up remover, a stain remover and pumpernickel bread
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