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Competitions: Enter our prize draws to win natural health goodies

Each issue our competitions offer you some fantastic natural health goodies. On offer this time we have: 5 bottles of Terranova Vitamin D3 2000iu & Vitamin K2 to be won worth €25.72 each (50 caps) ; we have 5 bottles of new Vitamin D Plus from ITL Health, worth €19.95 each ; 10 packs to be won worth €9.95 each of Immunpro Pro Cistus; we have 5 bottles worth €34 each to be won of Hempture Organic CBD Oil ; and there are 5 prizes of 1 month supply to be won, worth €28.95 each of HealthReach Collagen Pure.

To be in with a chance of winning these prizes, simply tick the box for each prize draw you would like to enter and complete the short form at the end of the page. Good luck!

Closing date: 2pm, 28th February 2021

By entering the competitions below you are allowing us to share your data with the individual advertisers offering the competitions, to allow them to pick a winner and if you are lucky, send prizes! They will only be able to use your data once and only to contact you about their competition.

Win! Vitamin D3 + K2

The synergistic combination of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 supports optimal calcium metabolism and distribution in the body. Over-supplementation of Vitamin D3 without ample Vitamin K2, may lead to problems related to excess calcium. We have 5 Terranova Vitamin D3 2000iu & Vitamin K2 100μg (as Mena Q7 from chickpea) to be won, worth €25.72 each (50 caps). 100% additivefree and vegan.


Win! Vitamin D with magnesium

50% of people may have vitamin D stored in their bodies but cannot activate it because of insufficient magnesium levels. Vitamin D needs magnesium to be metabolised in the body. New Vitamin D Plus from ITL Health is formulated with the co-factors needed for optimal vitamin D uptake and therefore a strong immune system. In addition to vitamin D, it contains magnesium, B12 and K2. We have 5 bottles to be won worth €19.95 each.

Free code: RH-JAN-FEB-ITL

Win! Immunity support

Immunpro Pro Cistus contains one of nature’s richest sources of plant polyphenols, these are used by plants to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation and act as a natural defence from pathogens and disease. Produced in a dissolvable lozenge format, the active ingredients help coat the throat with these polyphenols providing additional protection during times of increased risk of infection. We have 10 packs to be won worth €9.95 each.

Free code: RH-JAN-FEB-WFBM

Win! CBD oil

Hempture has been involved in cultivating hemp in Ireland for generations and in 2015 it released the first ever CBD product in Ireland. It has since gone on to become Ireland’s most innovative hemp company. Hempture Organic CBD Oil is guaranteed 100% organic and all natural. No herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers are used, all products are IIHA-approved and EIRLAB-tested to ensure quality. We have 5 bottles worth €34 each to be won.


Win! Collagen

HealthReach Collagen Pure is a blend of collagen with vitamin C to support healthy skin. After about the age of 30, the body starts to deplete collagen at a rate of approximately 1.5% every year. HealthReach Collagen Pure contains the highest quality hydrolysed collagen peptides, which is a highly bioavailable form of collagen. We have 5 prizes of 1 month supply to be won, worth €28.95 each.


Just tick the boxes above for each prize draw you are interested in and complete the form below to enter:

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