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Advice for asthmatics with hay fever

As many as 60-80% of people who have asthma also experience allergic rhinitis and hay fever. While the symptoms for many are just frustrating, unmanaged hay fever can cause asthma symptoms to heighten and escalate into an asthma attack. The Asthma Society of Ireland aim their annual hay fever campaign at providing practical support for alleviating unpleasant hay fever symptoms like itchy eyes, scratchy throat and running nose.

The Asthma Society pollen tracker provides daily updates on pollen levels around Ireland including regional prediction levels for the current and following day. It can help people to recognise the days when they need to take additional precautions to manage their asthma and hay fever. ‘Pollen Season’ runs until September, and people with asthma are advised to ensure their asthma and hay fever are well managed.

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What’s in season in May and June?

Asparagus, aubergines, butterhead lettuce, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, courgette, mushrooms, peppers, runner beans and tomatoes. Basil, mint, parsley, sage and thyme.

Berries are coming into season with the first native being strawberries and rhubarb doing well too.

May events

6-7 May IMMA, Kilmainham, Dublin

Cork Vegfest
7 May, Cork City Hall
Vegan food, talks from leading experts on plant-based diet and nutrition, session on raising vegan kids, climate emergency, sustainability and food demos.

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