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And the winner is...

Thank you so much for letting us know what you think about Rude Health magazine in our recent Reader’s Survey. One lucky reader has won a fabulous Bliss Basics Mind Coaching package with mind coach Nadija Bajrami worth €200. The winner of this fabulous prize is Chloe Landes who says, “That’s fantastic, thank you so much, I’m delighted to have won this prize.”

Some of the comments you made about Rude Health magazine:

“I love the various articles and recommendations for various complaints/issues. I look forward to reading this magazine on publication, and pass it on to family and friends to read. Keep up the good work.”
Mary O’Neill

“I like that you have really great advice, but also that you have various experts from health store nationwide, contributing to the features.”
Kenneth O’Brien

“I love Rude Health magazine and what it stands for. I love the articles and the interesting people that are interviewed. I also love the products that are reviewed. You also advertise the college I attend, CNM. And of course the lovely healthy recipes are great!”
Carly Aherne

“I like the clear, up to date information, advice and reviews. Great Irish representation as well. This is a big bonus for many reasons, including cutting down on our carbon footprints wherever possible.”
Laura Molsin

“I just love the great variety of topics and up to date information on new products. It’s a magazine for every age group and I pass it on to my friends who in turn pass it on to their friends. My daughter and her friends also read it.”
Margaret Cavanagh

New Evergreen health store opens

Evergreen health stores opened an eighth Galway store just before Christmas in the Gateway Shopping Park, Knocknacarra. They have gone for a more contemporary, clean look which makes it a bright and welcoming place to visit. As soon as it is safe to do so, they plan to hold a series of demonstrations and events.

Irish products have become more and more important to this group of health stores in Co Galway. The ingredients in all products are thoroughly checked for purity and quality before they are stocked, and organic and vegan-friendly products are becoming more important.

“As we approach our 30th year, we are still investing in our business and taking steps to future proof it,” says Gemma Hurley. “Our vision is to bring our values of honesty, integrity and ethical business to a wider number of people and build trust in what we sell to our customers. Our next expansion is online, with a new website and a host of services planned for later in 2021.”

‘Grow it Forward’ with GIY

Grow It Yourself have 50,000 free food growing kits to give away, with participants asked to share the growing experience with ten people in their ‘Grow it Forward’ campaign.

Budding GIY’ers are invited to claim a Grow it Forward pack online or by contacting their local library, as all 330 branches nationwide are helping to drive the effort. As part of the Government’s Keep Well programme, this campaign is designed to help the nation eat well by inspiring and supporting people to grow some of their own food at home.

Each food growing pack includes seeds for beetroot, carrots, salad leaves, peas and tomatoes; a guide to help grow them and a postcard and gift tags to help share them. Those who sign up will also receive regular e-mails with growing support, video clips and ideas for how to ‘grow it forward’ by passing on seeds, seedlings or produce in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Register for a Grow it Forward pack while supplies last at www.giy.ie/growitforward or contact your local library.

Are there any natural strategies for safer sun exposure?

Elle Fox, Naturopath, CNM Graduate answers

What we eat and drink can influence how we deal with sun exposure. Some of the following may support a healthier relationship with sunlight, especially in the summer months.

Eat sunny - certain foods support resilience from within, helping our body deal with the sun (and benefit from healthy eating in the process). Foods rich in vitamin D (organic raw dairy, fish and plant oils and fats), leafy greens and colourful berries and fruit are just some ideas.

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Advice for asthmatics with hay fever

304,000 people in Ireland have both asthma and hay fever. While the symptoms for many are just frustrating, unmanaged hay fever can cause asthma symptoms to heighten and escalate into an asthma attack. The Asthma Society of Ireland's annual hay fever campaign is aimed at providing practical support for alleviating unpleasant hay fever symptoms like itchy eyes, scratchy throat and running nose.

The Asthma Society pollen tracker provides daily updates on pollen levels around Ireland including regional prediction levels for the current and following day. It can help people to recognise the days when they need to take additional precautions to manage their asthma and hay fever. ‘Pollen Season’ runs from now until September, and people with asthma are advised to ensure their asthma and hay fever are well managed.

Speak to an experienced respiratory nurse from the Asthma Adviceline service on 1800 44 54 64 and put a hay fever management plan in place.

WhatsApp message the Asthma and COPD patient support service on 086 059 0132 for any questions/queries on asthma, hay fever and Covid-19 symptoms.

For more information on managing your hay fever, visit www.asthma.ie

Sick of plastic

Dr. Bronner’s who make Fair Trade soap and body care products is involved in a new All-One Ireland Initiative and their first step was a donation to environmental conservation organisation Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE Ireland). At least 1% of Dr. Bronner’s sales to Ireland each year will be donated to local advocacy efforts in support of social justice, animal advocacy, and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Bronner’s is also supporting VOICE Ireland’s ‘Sick of Plastic Campaign’ to promote reusable packaging alternatives instead of single use plastic. The campaign’s #WeChooseReuse initiative will actively encourage supermarkets and other retail outlets nationwide to embrace and promote these alternatives with the goal of making it easier for consumers to change the way they shop and to adopt a more sustainable approach. VOICE Ireland will help encourage shoppers and retailers to supply and use reusable containers to refill cleaning products or to buy dry goods such as pasta, rice, and other grains.

Did you know?

Chlorella is a single-celled species of green algae that grows in fresh-water. It is one of the earliest forms of life, with scientists believing it to be approximately two billion years old.

The name comes from the Greek word ‘chloros’ meaning ‘green’, and the Latin word ‘ella’, which means small. The Japanese were some of the first to start consuming chlorella as a supplement and millions of people there use it today. Chlorella’s use has now spread to Europe and America where its popularity is growing rapidly.

Chlorella in tablet and powder form has been extensively researched and it is thought to have many benefits, including:

Body fat - a study in Japan found extracts from the algae appeared able to reduce the increase in the size of animal fat cells normally seen when consuming a diet high in fat.

Gut microbiome - some types of algae are thought to be able to support our gut microbiomes, the micro-organisms that inhabit our digestive system.

Exercise - studies have shown the fresh water algae could help with improving the efficiency of the body’s energy production and reducing the impact of intense exercise on the immune system.

CNM Pioneers Online Natural Health Diploma Courses

Responding to the current worldwide health challenges, the College of Naturopathic Medicine is now offering online its internationally recognised diploma and short courses to overwhelming positive response from the public. CNM graduates and students know:

  • that a healthy and robust body can resist infections better and return to health faster
  • that a strong immune system is important
  • how to boost the immune system naturally

At CNM we believe that good health comes from education and practice. The CNM Diploma courses, based on time-proven natural medicine principles and cutting-edge scientific evidence, include, in addition to the informative lectures, many clinical practice sessions. Students apply their knowledge in real-world clinic scenarios throughout their studies. Combined with thorough business marketing training, this offers CNM graduates all of the skills, knowledge and tools required to start a thriving business upon graduation.

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Sunsmart skin cancer awareness
From May
Irish Cancer Society www.cancer.ie

World Asthma Day
4 May

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