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Best for Heart Health / Cholesterol

Nominated products in this category.

A heart-healthy option

McDonald’s Hemp Food Breakfast offers a heart-healthy option. De-hulled hemp seeds provide essential omega-3 fatty acids, while oats, cinnamon, and dried fruits add fibre and antioxidants. With just 12g of total fat and 2.9g of dietary fibre, it supports lower cholesterol levels. With 8.2g of protein and 303mg of potassium, it supports heart health while using premium organic ingredients for a wholesome start to your day. Priced at €9.95 for 500g.

For a happy, healthy heart

Zerochol Cardio+ combines a blend of plant sterols, red yeast rice extract, coQ10 and vitamin B1, clinically proven to lower LDL cholesterol and maintain healthy heart function. Zerochol Cardio+ is highly effective due to the double action of plant sterols and monacolin K, both with EFSA-approved health claims for lowering LDL cholesterol. Just two small tablets taken with your main meal makes Zerochol Cardio+ a natural and easy way to keep cholesterol levels in check and keep your heart healthy and happy!

Innovative red yeast rice

Terranova Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10 and Bergamot Complex features the patented red yeast rice ankascin 568-R® , an innovative, fermented red yeast rice which is free of monacolin K, but rich in monascin and ankaflavin. Monascin and ankaflavin are backed by clinical studies for both safety and efficacy and are clinically proven to be even more effective than monacolin K, without the associated side-effects.

For healthy blood cholesterol

Macánta Nutrition’s bestselling Red Yeast Rice with Co-Q10 contains monacolin K, which can contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. These Irish-made vegan capsules contain 83.3mg of red yeast rice powder, which provides 2.5mg of monacolin K along with 50mg of co-enzyme Q10 for additional support. Priced at €27.50 for 60 capsules.

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