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Best Immune Support Product

Nominated products in this category.

Everyday support for immunity

ProVen Probiotics Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support is designed for long-term use, providing continuous support to immune function. All of the active nutrients have substantial evidence of immune-boosting effects. Urgent C Everyday Immune Support contains 100mg of vitamin C, shown to reduce duration of upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) by 8–18%; Lab4, clinically shown to reduce URTI in children and adults; zinc, shown to reduce duration of URTI when taken upon symptom onset, vitamin D, recently shown to reduce risk of URTI; and beta glucans, shown in several studies to reduce risk of URTI, especially in children.

Don't let cold and flu stop you

A.Vogel Echinaforce ® Cold & Flu oral drops help to support your immune system by treating the symptoms of cold and flu. Nurtured by nature, A.Vogel's Echinacea plants are organically grown and processed fresh from field to bottle within 24 hours of harvest. Echinaforce® Cold & Flu oral drops are a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve cold and flu-like symptoms, exclusively based on long-standing use, priced at €20.99 for 100ml. Always read the leaflet.

Immune support for the family

Vitamin C+D3+K2mk7+Zinc from Sunflower Liposomes is packed into liposomal form for the highest absorption! Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system and to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function. K2 helps to regulate blood clotting and is key for strong immunity, healthy skin and eyes. Zinc plays a key role in your body's immunity to bacteria, viruses and fungi. Best family support. This gut-friendly supplement is Irish made and priced at €59.99.

Herbs to help immunity

Mucotone from Dr Clare Apothecary contains a range of herbs traditionally used to support the immune system which relates directly to resisting and recovering from infection - from the sinuses right down into the chest. The blend is also antiseptic and kind to the stomach. Suitable from 12 years upwards, it is available in 100ml, 200ml, 300ml and 500ml bottles.

A must-have for immune health

The immune system doesn't need a high dose of nutrients - it just needs the right combination. Studies show that a small amount of vitamin D can go a long way when taken with the right co-factors. Vitamin D Plus from vITaL by ITL Health is formulated with these co-factors so that your vitamin D can be properly utilised, making it a must-have for immune health. Priced at €19.95.

Cutting-edge liposomal vitamin C

SOMEGA Liposomal Vitamin C was developed by Irish food scientists and is made using patented, cutting-edge liposomal technology which significantly improves vitamin C absorption compared to regular vitamin C supplements. The product contains natural ingredients, tastes delicious and can be enjoyed from the spoon or added to drinks. Uniquely, it is alcohol-free. SOMEGA Liposomal Vitamin C is vegan-friendly, suitable for adults and children aged 2+ and comes with recyclable packaging.

All-round health support

MINAMI MorEPA Platinum Elite +1,000 IU Vitamin D3 has up to 95% omega-3 per softgel: a far cry from many competitors. Omega-3 helps support heart and brain function and added vitamin D3 helps support the immune system as well as muscle function after intense exercise. Since vitamin D3 is fat soluble, it is absorbed better with omega-3 fish oil than when taken alone.

A powerful formulation

Terranova Beta Glucans, Astragalus & Vitamin C Complex is a powerful formulation containing a high potency of yeast-derived beta glucans, plus the important beta glucan synergists resveratrol and vitamin C. It features a Magnifood blend of fresh freeze dried astragalus, olive leaf and elderberry with Matcha green tea and quercetin, supported with the mineral zinc. 100% additive-free and 100% vegan.

Support your natural defences

Immunix3 from Otosan is a unique triple action formula that has been developed to protect against oxidative stress, due to the content of L-Glutathione and vitamin C; support the immune system through Beta-Glucans, vitamin D3 and zinc; and balance intestinal bacterial flora via Bacillus Clausii probiotics. It is suitable for adults and children from age 5+.

Support your immunity

Revive Active contains 26 active ingredients in a convenient daily powdered sachet, that support your immune system, energy and heart. 8 of the ingredients in Revive Active contribute to the normal function of the immune system. These include vitamins B6, B12, C, D, Copper, Folate, Selenium and Zinc. Priced at €59.95.

High-potency vitamin C

Biomax Vitamin C Liposomal is a clinically tested, non-acidic, non-GMO, European-sourced vitamin C, Quali-C, which is also encapsulated in all-natural liposome technology. It is gentle and gut-friendly, providing superior bioavailability and maximum absorption for even more vitamin C in your body! Suitable for diabetics and vegetarians, it is sugar, soya, gluten and preservative-free.

Optimal immune support

Formulated to provide optimal support, Macánta Quercetin Complex gives you the antioxidant support of Quercetin combined with the immune support offered by vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc. All Macánta products are made in Ireland and are suitable for vegans. Priced at €29.95.

Support for the gut-lung axis

Probio7 Professionals AB21 has been specifically formulated to support your gut-lung axis, which plays an important role in respiratory illnesses. Each capsule contains four live strains of clinically researched bacteria that are able to reach the gut alive, plus a high strength vitamin D3 to support a healthy immune system.

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