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Best Retailer Tried & Tested Product Award

Nominated products in this category

Multi-strain live bacteria supplement

Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-Strain Formulation is a unique, scientifically developed multi-strain live bacteria supplement with 14 unique live bacteria cultures. Proven to survive the acidity of the stomach and can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration, Bio-Kult Advanced offers a convenient option to target the digestive tract. Available in 30s, 60s and 120 capsules.

Soothing aloe vera gel

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Gel is produced from aloe vera juice, capturing the maximum nutritional activity of the aloe vera plant (Aloe barbadensis). This soothing gel nourishes, cools and can help restore dry and damaged skin. It can be applied to stretch marks, scars and dry, chapped and sun burned skin. Soothing, cooling, replenishing and nourishing.

A super supplement

Revive Active is a super supplement with 26 active ingredients working in synergy providing adults with a daily dose of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in one convenient daily sachet. Made in Ireland, Revive Active’s benefits include supporting the immune system, the heart and energy levels. Created for busy hectic lives, it’s the easy way to put back what life takes out.

Spice up your joints!

ZinCuFlex is an innovative food supplement containing ginger, curcumin and vitamin C. Ginger and curcumin (the active part of turmeric) are well known for their benefits for joint health. Ginger is an extract which helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness. Curcumin helps to control inflammatory responses in the body, helps to protect joints and helps to maintain joint flexibility. Just one capsule a day for joint support. Priced at €19.95 for 30 capsules.

Fuel your brain with omega-3!

Whether you’re doing exams or just looking to increase brain power, Eskimo Brain 3.6.9 is the food supplement for you. Omega-3 DHA is brain food. Just as calcium is essential for building strong bones, 250mg DHA daily is essential for good brain health. DHA helps to improve learning, mood, memory and concentration. With high levels of omega-3 DHA along with seed oils, vitamin D, E and CoQ10, you’ll feel focused in no time. 100% pure, natural and stable. Supported by science.

Echinacea hot drink

Echinaforce® Hot Drink Cold & Flu is an Echinacea concentrate made from extracts of fresh Echinacea purpurea alongside elderberry fruit extracts. It is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve common cold and flu-like symptoms, exclusively based upon long-standing use. It contains no paracetemol, meaning you can often take it with other medication. Always read the leaflet.

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