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Caroline Morahan is a Dubliner who has hosted numerous top Irish TV shows including The Fame Game, Off the Rails, The Podge and Rodge Show, Chance to Dance, The Afternoon Show among others and appeared on The Late Late Show and The Panel. She talks to Rude Health about her healthy life...

What sort of exercise do you do to keep in shape?

"My normal routine involves a lot of yoga. It’s good for my mind and body. I hike up steep canyon trails a couple of times a week with my dog. I don’t have the patience for mile after mile on a treadmill. I much prefer classes. I recently signed up for cardio barre classes – you use a ballet barre and do a series of muscle exercises at high speed. Sometimes I am really good and get to the gym multiple times a week, then other times I find I’ll slack off. I’ve never had a gym body with everything rock hard and perfectly toned. I like food a little too much!"

What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy?

"I do a weekly shop at our local farmers market where I get great fresh fruit and veg from small organic farms. I drink organic goats milk. I have to get my five a day of fresh fruit and vegetables or I just don’t feel well. I start most mornings with porrridge or a fresh juice. Our juicer never gets put in the cupboard, I use it all the time. I put everything into it – beetroot, oranges, kale, mint, ginger. Whatever I’ve come across at the market gets bunged in. I add two spoons of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend. I’ve been doing that for years. My mom introduced me to it and I noticed a huge difference to my hair and nails within a week of taking it. It also helps me with energy levels, sugar cravings and joint strength."

Do you take any natural supplements?

"Apart from Udo's, I also take a couple of spoons of powdered super greens like spirulina, wheatgrass and kale. It’s good for keeping your blood in an alkaline, rather than an acid state – something I've only learned about in recent years."

Do you ever worry about your health?

"I don’t really worry about my health. I worry about other things – that’s where yoga and meditation come in. My mum is a homeopath and acupuncturist so I have been exposed to ways to keep my body and mind in good working order. I’ve used homeopathy for everything from stage fright to food poisoning. It would be great if more people realised that their own body has the power to heal itself."

How do you keep your skin and hair in great condition?

"I am one of those 2.5 litres a day people. Some people think they’ll get enough hydration from the foods they eat and the odd glass of water or two, but the skin is the very last organ to receive the water you consume, so if you’re not getting enough, it will tell on your face. I am also pretty disciplined when it comes to sun protection. I slap factor 50 on my face, neck and decolletage every day and on the backs of my hands"

Do you have any tips for Rude Health readers?

  • Transcendental Meditation is great for quieting down the rat race that goes on in my mind and negative thoughts. Working as an actress is tough-going as rejection is such a huge part of the process.
  • Energy begets energy. If you’re feeling down, unfit or full of inertia, force yourself off the couch and go for a walk. It’s amazing how much better everything becomes after some exercise!
  • If you feel like you’re falling off the wagon health wise, clothes can be a great way to get you back on track. An outfit you feel amazing in will inspire you to make better health choices. One of my favourite dresses is a fitted number from Littlewoods Ireland. If I have been over-indulging, I simply can’t get the zip up! So it's a great way to keep me on the straight and narrow.
  • Don’t put off looking good to some distant event in the future or think "I won't buy anything till I've lost 6 pounds." The time to live is now!


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