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Cathy Kelly is a best-selling author who specialises in warm Irish story-telling. She lives with her husband John, their 12-year-old twin sons Dylan and Murray and their three dogs in Co Wicklow. Her latest book Between Sisters is published by Hachette Books

What sort of exercise do you do to keep in shape?

"I do proformer pilates twice a week in a local gym. It makes you strong and has literally changed the shape of my legs. I also do some yoga at home most days. I like walking our three Jack Russell dogs and do a bit of swimming with the kids. Exercise is good for my head."

What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy?

"I am boringly healthy really. We are really into juicing and my husband makes a green juice using kale, cucumber, lime and ginger every morning. I had whiplash problems for years and took anti-inflammatories for a long time so I find that certain foods are too hard on my stomach. I was a vegetarian for years but now I would say I naturally eat clean food. Coffee and sugar are my weaknesses. My husband has been a diagnosed coeliac for nine years so I go into health stores to buy gluten-free baking powders, different flours for baking and love the herbal teas. I don’t eat much meat, I’m more of a fish person."

Is it hard to stay healthy when you are running around after children?

"I get so tired sometimes I need something to keep me going like an energy drink, and hence my reliance on coffee. I mean to carry healthy snacks like nuts and rice cakes but it’s not always possible or practical. I eat really healthily for breakfast and dinner but at lunchtime I am always running so I’m not as good. I try to get to bed early because I am up early."

Do you take any natural supplements?

"Yes! I am a big fan. I take zinc, I get low on iron so would take a supplement for that. I take glucosamine and cod liver oil for joints. I am low in vitamin D which may be because I avoid the sun due to a malignant melanoma years ago, so I take a vitamin D supplement. I go through phases of taking B vitamins if I feel I need them. I love flower remedies."

Do you ever worry about your health?

"Yes because I want to be here for my kids. I am pretty proactive about my health which is really important. I think women are good at this. I attend all regular medical checks I need to and will always get something checked out."

How do you relax?

"I do yoga at home – we have mats all over the house. I might do 15 minutes in the evening then cuddle up with the kids and dogs and watch a movie. I find crafts like crochet really relaxing. I do a little bit of meditation. I try to read which I consider ‘me time' and try to get some personal time having coffee with friends."

Do you have any health tips for Rude Health readers?

  • I always read the health stuff in magazines and newspapers but I’m not a fan of drastic health ideas and believe in everything in moderation.
  • Listen to your body – you know what works for your body and what doesn’t
  • Women are very hard on themselves and should sometimes just say I’m exhausted and need a break
  • The to-do list is never finished
  • Mental health is a really big part part of general health so you need to mind yourself


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