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Celebrity Health – Ciara Lawless

Photo: Aoife Long

Ciara Lawless is a 24 year old singer and florist from Athlone, Co Roscommon. She is a radio presenter on Ros FM where she has four shows: Good Morning Roscommon with Ciara Lawless, Inspired Lives, Raiders of The Lost World, and Historic Looks, Fashion Hooks. She released her second single ‘With Love' in November after her songs ‘I Am Your Healer' and ‘Half The Man' made music fans sit up and take notice. During the summer months Ciara performed at various festivals including The Mná Festival at Dun na Sí, Co. Westmeath and The Lovestock Festival in Tuamgraney, Co Clare as well as at the Galway Races. On 15th January Ciara's song ‘Where Are Your Wings' will be launched and in April her first album entitled ‘Where Am I Supposed to Go With This Love' will be released.

Hi Ciara, what food do you eat to stay healthy?

In 2020 I went to see Yvonne Duffy O'Shaughnessy a health and nutrition coach in Galway. She worked with me on iridology and allergy testing. The problematic foods that came up for me were chocolate, dairy and wheat so I avoid these. Before this I had suspected that I had a dairy allergy so had already taken it out of my diet.

I am big into cooking my own food and keeping it simple. For breakfast I might have an omelette with avocado and sauerkraut. Lunch is usually light with a salad or soup. I try to stay away from bread. I might add vegetables or chicken to salads. I like to buy bone broth from the fridge in health stores. I will occasionally have gluten-free bread. I make my own soup, and if I am buying one ready-made from a shop I choose the one with a shorter ingredients list. I avoid eating anything with cream.

When I am on the road for my music and performing I go for simple snacks. I think the secret is in planning. I love nuts and blueberries and raspberries.

For dinner I am really old school and like hotpots, stews, warming soups, shepherd's pie, traditional curries. I grow herbs in the garden and have a real appreciation for growing and cooking things. I love prepping the night before and using a slow cooker. I would eat fish twice a week, eat meat sometimes and have a few vegetarian meals with alternatives such as lentils or kidney beans. It's all about balance.

Also I don't drink or smoke, for throat health.

What exercise do you do to keep in shape?

I am a big fan of swimming and would go to the pool three times per week. A friend got me into yoga and meditation so I go to classes now. I loved dance and singing growing up, and now sometimes go to Ecstatic dance classes.

How have health stores helped you?

I have always been a big fan of health stores. When I was younger I was obsessed with skincare, probably because I had psoriasis. Happily this issue has now gone. I don't wear a lot of make-up, but when I do I prefer to use natural skincare and make-up brands. I really like Dead Sea Skin products and Lavera beauty products. Inika make-up is amazing and I wear Dr Hauschka too.

Do you take any supplements?

Vocal health is a huge thing for me as a singer and a radio presenter, it's really important to mind my voice. I take Dr Clare's Echinacea throat spray every day. I also drink mullein tea – I buy loose tea leaves from my local health store and brew it at home. It has a warming sensation when you drink it, and is very good for your lungs and any lingering chest issues. It reminds me of when we foraged for nettles when I was a child and my mam would make nettle tea. Yogi Bedtime Tea is really good for getting to sleep, I call it my sleepy tea.

When I met Yvonne she recommended I take vitamin C, electrolytes in water and fish oils. I like Panda Licorice as it can be great for a dry throat. I also take Dr Clare's Mucotone, and keep Propolis lozenges in the car for my voice. As a florist I have long been a believer in the powers of bees. I buy all of these products in health stores.


Do you have any tips for Rude Health Readers?

  • I am a total geek – I have always liked to cut articles and sayings out of magazines and put them in scrapbooks. More recently I have a clipboard on the wall that I use for this. I am constantly adding to it. I think it’s good to read things over and over to help you get into good habits.
  • I like to keep health magazines in places you are most likely to pick them up. It can be important to swap your phone for reading a magazine.

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