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Spring is here!

Madelaine Winzer for College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)

During winter, we tend to eat more fats to store energy. According to the Principles of Oriental Medicine, spring is a great time to move stagnant energy in the liver for renewed vitality. Signs and symptoms of stagnant liver qi include frequent sighing, scratchy eyes, headaches, stiff shoulders, PMS, allergies, gout, blood pressure and feelings of frustration and lowered mood.

To cleanse the liver:

For one week avoid all animal fats, sugars, white flour, dairy and alcohol.

Increase your intake of raw food, start every day with organic porridge oats for breakfast with fresh fruit and seeds, have a large raw salad for lunch (include sprouted grains), for the evening meal have a large helping of homemade vegetable soup with lots of green leafy vegetables, add a little turmeric which is good for clearing the liver.

Include a green smoothie every day, this will flood the body with nutrients to help cleanse. Put one large handful of berries into the blender, add a large handful of spinach, some cucumber and some pineapple, add some water for consistency and blend thoroughly. If you are feeling adventurous add some spirulina, this makes a fantastic nutrient-rich blend.

Increase physical activity - ideally exercise 30 minutes a day combining some cardiovascular activity with some weight bearing. One week later notice just how rejuvenated you feel after this change in routine.

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