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Q. I'm struggling with a hormone imbalance, are there any natural remedies that can help?

Written by Michelle Sanchez, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist for CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine

A. The cause of hormone imbalance is often multifactorial. Diet, exercise and lifestyle play a huge role in hormone health. Lifestyle factors including stress, not exercising or over exercising, and following a poor diet could cause an imbalance. Other causes include injury, trauma, eating disorders, certain medications and health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and adrenal gland disorders.

Hormone-disrupting chemicals can also affect your hormone levels by changing how they are produced, metabolised and stored in the body. Products that contain hormone-disrupting chemicals include air fresheners, sunscreen, cleaning and laundry products, cosmetics, perfume and personal care products.

The best way to keep your hormones balanced and hormonal symptoms at bay is to eat a nutritious, healthy diet that is rich in hormone-balancing foods like brassica vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, kale), wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fermented foods (sauerkraut and kimchi), garlic and healthy fats including avocado and extra virgin olive oil. Consuming two tbsp of ground flaxseeds per day has shown to decrease high oestrogen levels.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, junk food and dairy products. There is a strong link between dairy and hormone imbalance; milk products can increase your oestrogen load and may contain hormone-disrupting chemicals like PCBs and dioxins. Moderate exercise and good quality sleep are also key.

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