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This issue manager Jane Smith, sales assistant Emma Smith, online orders Nina Gvozdanovic, and homeopaths Rodrigo Freire, Sara O’Rourke and Tina Stojimirovic review a stress supplement, tinted face cream and itchy scalp oil.

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Emma says: “The Salcura Bioskin Rescue cream has been an absolute lifesaver for my baby. He suffers from eczema - I apply a thin layer to affected skin and it completely relieves any irritation. It’s very easy to apply and glides onto the skin. It has no scent or colour. I highly recommend it for any mother out there to have in their baby bag.”

Nina says: “Recently I tried Dr Hauschka Tinted Face SPF 30 Sun Cream. I absolutely love this product as it nourishes, gives a nice glow and skin protection. The colour adjusts to the skin tone giving a natural look.”

Rodrigo says: “I’ve been using the Together Stress Aid supplement and it really helps me to relax during times when I am overwhelmed by life suituations such as work and studies.”

Sara says: “I recently started using Mervue Organic Superfruit Facial Serum – it is Irish-made and my skin loves it. It’s really great for dehydrated and tired skin and feels lovely too.”

Tina says: “My husband has a very itchy, flaky scalp and for years has been trying to find a product for hair that would work. He tried many things but these would only work for a while. A few months ago he did a Balmonds Scalp Oil treatment for a month and his scalp is totally flake free and not itchy. He has finally found a solution to his ongoing problem.”

Jane says: “What’s popular at the moment with overseas customers and the film industry here in Ireland is the Honeyrose brand of herbal smoking mixes and cigarettes. Honeyrose herbal products are 100% natural and guaranteed to be nicotine and tobacco free.”

Open Sesame in Gort

This issue staff members Leroy Smith, Amy Taylor and Tina Reynolds review a nasal wash, aronia juice, ecodrops and seamoss skincare product. Leroy is the new Chairperson of Health Stores Ireland.

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Cabbage kimchi

Leroy says: “Savage Cabbage Kimchi is a truly artisanal product from East Clare. Founders Rory and Mercedes really understand the importance of gut health, which the probiotics contained in their kimchi can really help with. We had Rory in for an in-store tasting recently and his passion for their fermented product range is plain to see.”

Aronia juice

Amy says: “Customers can find it so hard to reduce or limit sugar in the diet. By taking PhyterBerry Organic Aronia Juice before each meal or carb-heavy snack you support the body’s blood sugar balance, therefore lowering the possibility of developing diabetes, heart disease and more.”

Nasal wash

Leroy says: “We’ve stocked the North American Herb & Spice Company for a long time now, and their Sinus Oregano Nasal Spray has never stopped packing an almighty punch! It’s a powerful nasal wash that can really help to sooth nasal problems. Grown in sunshine, oregano is a herb we all grow in our gardens, but this north American one is much stronger.”

Seamoss skincare

Amy says: “Sea Moss Gel from Seamoss Sublime has been such a popular product for us since it arrived. Packed with nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties and more this is a skincare must-have. It promotes healing, elasticity and hydration.”

Child multivitamin

Tina says: “Junior Revive Ages 4-12 multivitamins are brilliant. If you have a fussy child like myself, these powdered sachets are unflavoured, can be added to any drink, cereal or yogurt and with 18 different vitamins and minerals, four different fruit and vegetable powders and live friendly bacteria included, you can’t go wrong.”

Eco cleaning

Amy says: “Ocean Saver Cleaning EcoDrops save endless plastic bottles. Just drop a pod into a spray bottle filled with water and shake. It’s also incredible value!”

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