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Independent health store advice on post-Christmas cleansing and detoxing

Looking for advice on natural wellbeing? Your local independent health stores can offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This issue we speak to Helena O’Loughlin at The Healthy Way in Leixlip, Co Kildare

Not surprisingly, January is the most popular month for people going on diets and joining the gym. We get lots of customers asking for advice on diet and supplements following the gorgefest that is the festive season. The body can become sluggish after so much overindulging in rich and heavy foods. Also we don’t tend to move around much at this time of year, which doesn’t help.

The first thing we do is advise people to clean up their diet. Try to eat normally after Christmas, avoid rich foods and alcohol and focus on smaller portions. Soups are fantastic at this time of year and really easy on the digestive system. A clear turkey soup is a great post-Christmas idea. Add celery – it is a great cleanser and good for immunity. If you are making a juice in your liquidiser I would advise focusing on vegetables first and adding a bit of ginger to warm up the body as the body isn’t too keen on really cold liquids at this time of year.

Detoxing is not a bad idea after Christmas, but it can upset your metabolism so I would advise not doing anything too radical. Start with some herbal teas as these tend to be packed with phyto chemicals that speed up your metabolism and have other health benefits too.

Your local store will be able to give you specific advice depending on how you feel, but in general these natural remedies can really help you to feel better after a period of inaction and indulgence:

Apple cider vinegar – alkalising and good for the liver. Add a drop of hot water, drink before you go to bed and it will work on your liver while you sleep.

Digestive enzyme – helps your body to digest food.

Fermented foods – these can be good, but only if your gut can tolerate them.

Garlic and hawthorne tincture – can really help high blood pressure, and magnesium is good too.

Ginger tea – can help protect your liver from the effects of too much alcohol and other toxins.

Liposomal vitamin C – good for the immune system, energy and improving your skin.

Milk thistle – helps the liver to rid itself of toxins.

Probiotics (natural live bacteria) – help to balance bacteria in the gut, take in the morning.

Red yeast rice – a natural remedy that mimic statins and can help control cholesterol.

Whole fruit – eat in the morning as it ferments in the body.

The therapeutic qualities of herbal teas

Chamomile tea – a calming tea often taken after a meal to help with digestion.

Peppermint tea – good for nausea and relieving the symptoms of bloating.

Milk thistle and dandelion tea – help the liver to cleanse itself.

Rosehip tea – packed with vitamin C, this tea is good for the immune system.

Rooibos tea – known for antioxidant content, this tea is high in vitamin C.

Reishi tea made from medicinal mushrooms – has a number of associated health benefits including reduced stress leading to better quality sleep.

Matcha tea – very good for helping to focus the mind and keep calm under stress. Packed with antioxidants.

What’s What and Who’s Who at The Healthy Way?

“The Healthy Way opened in the 1980s, and my husband I bought it and took it over about 20 years ago” says owner Patricia O’Loughlin. “I had previously owned a small health store in Clane, Co Kildare, but I was interested in being able to have yoga classes and practice shiatsu traditional Chinese medicine from the shop. Luckily for me the manager Patricia stayed on – she is a mine of natural health knowledge and a real asset.

“The shop is in Leixlip village in a little square. We now have private parking, which has made a real difference for customers – they just drop into us for a disc.

“Our shop team really get on, and customers sense this and keep coming back. We have a wide range of customers including young athletes, students looking for help during their exams, pregnant women, young mothers looking for support for their children going back to school and one of our customers is in her 90s.

“The shop floor is stocked with dried foods and herbal teas and a wide range of the best quality supplements. We have a broad range of cosmetics. We stock everything you need to clean your home naturally with a refill service for eco cleaning products. We also have a gift section which includes wind chimes, dream catchers and very good quality candles.”

VISIT: Ralph Square, St. Catherine’s Park, Leixlip, Co. Kildare
SPEAK TO: owner Helena O’Loughlin, shop manager Patricia Neavyn, and sales assistants Gemma Munnelly, Mary Heaney, Jane Colman, Tina Keogh.
CONTACT: (01) 624 4288
OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday 9.30am-6pm

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