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Fair and square

Ireland now has over 50 registered Fairtrade towns, all doing their bit to improve worldwide living and working conditions. Find out how you can do more and encourage your town to go Fairtrade too

Always ahead of the curve when it comes to important health trends, Irish towns across the country are now supporting the Fairtrade movement. The move to Fairtrade started with Clonakilty back in 2003 and as well as the 51 registered towns, there are now many more waiting to have their status approved. As a Fairtrade town these spots have to make a commitment to support Fairtrade and use licensed products with the Fairtrade mark as a starting point, with different milestones to reach.

Ireland has been leading the Fairtrade path for sometime now, with a Eurobarometer survey (Eurobarometer 389), published in July 2012, showing a 78% awareness of the Fairtrade logo in Ireland, more than double the EU average. Sales of Fairtrade goods have nearly doubled since 2009 and in 2013 ranked 7th in the world for sales of Fairtrade products

Fair Squared is completely behind this drive to support Fairtrade in all forms. The is all about ensuring a fair price for both producer and consumer. The brand includes a huge range of shaving, hair and body care products – all made using fair trade ingredients with the added bonus of organic and vegan certification. Knowing that you’re concerned about living and working conditions in many parts of the world is why Fair Squared launched its brand – so that you can buy your health and beauty products and feel confident that they are doing good.

As great as it is to have 51 towns already registered, more are needed. Help to double that number by registering your town as a Fairtrade supporter too www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/in-yourcommunity/towns.

The A-Z of official Fairtrade towns

CarlowCarrick on ShannonCarrick on SuirCashelCastlebar
NewryPortlaoiseRathlin I.RoscommonRoscrea

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