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Food for Thought in Buncrana, Co Donegal

Owner manager Paul Brogan and sales advisors Claire Longwill and Grainne McLaughlin test a wheatgrass multivitamin, oxygen support, teething aid and CBD.

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Paul says: “Stem Renu Capsules harness the power of signal molecule technology to rejuvenate the body. Avian egg extract delivers a signal to molecules, the proteins responsible for stimulating stem cell production. A lot of our customers who buy this product see an improvement in keeping dementia patients calm and content. It helps to improve sleep, counters the effects of stress, promotes renewal and faster recovery and supports healthy ageing.”

2. CBD

Claire says: “Hempful CBD is a very popular product with us here at Food For Thought. CBD is one of the most dominant compounds found in the plant cannabis sativa. It is non-psychoactive, completely legal and a major health-boosting ingredient. Full spectrum CBD oil is the most effective and most beneficial. Customers using this product have reported benefits for pain relief, anxiety/depression, insomnia, aching muscles and arthritis pain.”


Grainne says: “Also known as nature’s multivitamin, wheatgrass contains vital nutrients including vitamin B12 and iron, making this an ideal product for vegetarians and the elderly as these groups are often deficient. I recommend One Nutrition Organic Wheatgrass juice, rich in calcium and magnesium which helps keep bones strong.”


Paul says: “OxyPlus is a great supplement for anyone who needs to take inhalers to help with breathing conditions. Over the years customers have said that OxyPlus helps them breathe without difficulty. It immediately makes oxygen available to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Other customers who have used this product have said it helps with IBS, psoriasis, emphysema, migraines, skin problems, joint pain and helps athletes run faster.”


Claire says: “Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, supports electrolyte balance, the nervous system and normal muscle function. I have used Floradix Liquid Magnesium myself on my daughter as she was suffering with ‘growing pains’ and since she started taking it she no longer suffers with these pains.”


Grainne says: “New Vistas Teething Time is gentle and safe with no harmful side effects. It’s a popular product for all the babies going through the teething stages. It helps to soothe gums and relieves the symptoms of teething in a safe and natural way.” I like it as it offers the benefit of fast absorption without causing bowel intolerance.”

Nuts and Grains, Mullingar, Co Westmeath

This issue staff members Marion Moffatt, Laura Farrell, Justin Moffatt, Anna Keogh, Rose Greene and Ann Marie Stenson test an apple cider vinegar, mushroom supplement, skin serum and detox support.

Open Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm, Sat 9.30am-6pm, Sun 11am-4pm.


Gráinne says: “I love Macanta Multi-Complex with Co-Q10. It provides over 30 quality ingredients including all the B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, iron and 75mg of Co-Q10 which helped keep me fuelled over the winter months. My go-to for energy support!”


Marion says: “I enjoy drinking 4 Hands Food Studio Apple Cider Vinegar from a local artisan food producer. It’s really refreshing when mixed with water and has a little kick without high levels of acidity. Sometimes I’ll enjoy it in a wine glass with ice. Seasonal variations are available and I’m currently loving the elderberry infused version.”


Anna says: “Whenever I feel like I need a little detox I take Viridian NAC+ which combines N-acetyl l-cysteine, chromium, l-glutamine and cinnamon. It works quickly and effectively to support my detox pathways.”


Justin says: “I’ve been using Living Nutrition Lion’s Mane Mushroom for three months. I’m sleeping better, more focused and it has had a positive effect on my head after six months of post-Covid neuralgic headaches. Top marks from me.”


Rose says: “Master herbalist Freda Wolfe, has developed a wonderful range of Intelligent Teas with a therapeutic focus. My favourite is Breatheasy, which has a delicate blend of calming herbs to support the chest. Mullein has wonderful detoxifying benefits and it tastes great.”


Ann Marie says: “It’s difficult to fault the Kinvara skincare range. I adore the Rosehip Face Serum. It can be used alone or under moisturiser. It really soaks into the skin and leaves it feeling completely nourished and looking healthy.”

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