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Are fresh veg better than frozen?

CNM natural chef Cheryl Thomson answers

Eating fresh, living food is our evolutionary key to health! As a CNM natural chef I strive to cook and eat with the seasons, supporting local farmers and choosing organic wherever possible. However, while we all know that a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential for good health, they may not always be available.

Certain nutrient levels begin to decline as soon as fruit and vegetables have been picked, so if you’re doing the bulk of your shopping at the supermarket the nutritional value of the produce which may have been sitting on the shelves for days may be substantially less than you would expect.

Conversely, freezing generally helps to retain overall nutrient content, as frozen produce will often have been washed, blanched, frozen and packaged within a few hours of picking.

The important thing is to make sure you are eating enough fruit and vegetables in whatever form, so choose a mix of the freshest possible, plus frozen ones.

Remember to freeze your own when there is a glut of organic best-value seasonal supplies, ready for soups and smoothies, sauces and purées.

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