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Full-scale cover up

You know the drill – sun damage is serious business. Going out in the sun without sun lotion nowadays is like forgetting to put on your undies. So, get prepared now, before the sun hits full force

As we see it, protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays by slathering it with chemical-laden lotions makes no sense. Yes, you want great sun protection, and to feel sure that you and your family are ready for a day out in the warmth, but chemicals are not the way to go.

You see, traditionally the ingredients that prevent sun burn are made from petroleum-based products. As the sun’s rays hit the skin, the chemical reaction is created to absorb the UVA/UVB and protect from burning. However these ingredients have also been known to cause irritation and skin rashes. Move to natural sun products and these mineral sunscreens use crushed minerals, usually a mixture of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and these form a mirror on the skin reflecting UVA/UVB rays.

Organic skincare brand Organii provides all the protection you need, naturally. Try Organii Sun Milk SPF50 for all the family – it’s especially good for that all-over coverage for babies and young children with sensitive skin.

The all-natural sun protection booster ingredient they use is pongamol oil that protects skin against both UVA and UVB rays, plus it’s packed with antioxidants to help slow the ageing process at the same time. The sun milks are water resistant too, so ideal for water babies and keen holiday swimmers too.

Your face takes the most of the sun’s power, so popping Organii Facial Sun Cream SPF15 in your make-up bag for everyday use is a great way to ensure your skin avoids unnecessary sun damage. It’s suitable for all skin types and moisturises as it protects.

If you prefer the ease of spritzing on your protection, then Lavera Organic Sun Spray SPF20 is another great natural option. It uses organic sunflower oil and calendula, with natural UV protection to give great medium coverage.

If you have caught the sun, then aftersun is essential. In Ireland, the rumour is that because we don’t get the heat of the rest of Europe, we don’t need it. But if you’ve been out in the sun, however hot or not, your skin does need to be re-moisturised. Luckily, this year Organii are giving free aftersun away with their SPF50 and SPF20 Mineral Sun Screens.

And for those sunless days (or weeks!) self-tan body lotions and gradual self-tan facial moisturisers are a must. Lavera invented the organic Self Tan Lotion back in 1999 and it’s still Europe’s best-selling natural and organic self-tan.

And of course, none of the Organii or Lavera products have ever been tested on animals so you can be kind to them as well as your skin.

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