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'Running after celebrities keeps me fit'

Dubliner Glenda Gilson is well known for her modelling work and hanging out with celebrities including George Clooney and Colin Farrell for TV3’s entertainment show Xposé. She has appeared as a contestant on the RTÉ reality show, Celebrity Bainisteoir and hosted the news and entertainment show Glenda’s Showbiz Gossip. She talks to Rude Health about her healthy life...

What sort of exercise do you do to keep in shape?

"My job presenting Xposé on TV3 is completely hectic and involves lots of running around, so I reckon that keeps me fit. Lately I have been running through Heathrow airport a lot! I go through phases of enjoying the gym, and then I go off it and walk in the park instead. You will always find me doing one or the other."

What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy?

"I am a really healthy eater and love my fruit and vegetables. I always make sure I eat breakfast – usually something like two poached eggs and a slice of granary bread. For lunch I snack on salad and fruit. For dinner I always have three vegetables on my plate with meat such as chicken. I am a big fish eater which I find is great for skin and hair. My food philosophy is little and often. I don’t massively overindulge although I like a beer and have a sweet tooth – the really tempting time is when I am sitting on the couch in the evening watching TV and eating sweets! If I overindulge one day I try to make up for it the next."

Do you take any natural supplements?

"I am not big into vitamins and so on, preferring to make sure my diet is good, but sometimes I take a Seven Seas multivitamin."

Do you ever worry about your health?

"Yeah, all the time, although I am not doing anything that is particularly unhealthy and my diet is good. You’ve got to live though, haven’t you? I do worry about my stress levels and that I am rushing around all the time – sometimes I think I should have more time when I am just relaxing."

How do you keep your skin and hair in great condition?

"I like to buy coconut oil from my local health store and put it in my hair. My hair can be dull and frizzy and coconut oil seems to make a real difference. I either put it in my hair and sit with a towel around it before washing it out, or put it in my hair then blow-dry it. Both ways seem to help. I think my skin is generally good because I drink a lot of water and I’ve got better at that. Especially before I go to sleep. If I have a coffee I usually feel the need for water afterwards."

Do you have any tips for Rude Health readers?

  • I never weigh myself – I find it too depressing and think it makes you feel heavier if you weigh yourself a lot. I measure myself by my clothes. How jeans fit gives you a good idea. If you do that you know straight away if you have been overindulging.
  • I am thinking of taking up meditation – a friend of mine has recommended it and I am a bit of a stressor so I think it may help me.
  • I believe that reiki healing, where a therapist lays their hands on certain points of your body, can be very good for stress, so I am looking into that.


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