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Golden Health Store in Longford

This issue nutritional sales advisors Angela Naughton, Aoife Duffy, Catherine Hogan, Ewelina Tyralik, Johanna Heavin and Martina Mulvihill review bone broth, curcumin capsules, a probiotic complex and collagen complex.

Collagen complex
Angela says: “I have been taking Biocare Collagen Complex for the past six months and find a great improvement in my skin. I also do lots of marathons and hiking and this product helps greatly with post-exercise recovery and I have noticed reduced stiffness in my muscles afterwards. It contains a high potency nutrient of vitamin C and zinc, high quality type 1 marine collagen identical to the collagen in the human body and hyaluronic acid.”

Probiotic supplement
Aoife says: “For the last few months, I’ve been taking Optibac Everyday Probiotics. After trying out multiple probiotics these are by far my favourite ones. They have helped so much with my bloating and are great for helping with digestive issues. It’s a great product!”

Bone broth
Ewelina says: “Planet Paleo Chocolate Bone Broth is my favourite protein supplement. It has just a few ingredients without any sweeteners or unnecessary additives. It tastes great as a hot drink and is a source of complex amino acids. After using it, I have noticed a significant improvement in my joints. My hair and nails are stronger and look healthier too.”

Multivitamin drink
Johanna says: “I take Source of Life Gold Liquid multivitamin drink when I feel the need for a good pick-me-up! This tonic has all the vitamins and minerals to help my immune system, and is especially good during or after an illness. This is also very pleasant to take with its tropical fruit flavour.”

Curcumin capsules
Martina says: “I take Coyne Health Bio Curcumin capsules any time my knee is sore. It works really well for aches and pains, even just taking one per day. It is a great product.”

Probiotic complex
Catherine says: “It’s hard to choose a favourite from TerraNova—all of their supplements are so thoughtfully formulated, free from any sort of fillers or binders, and built with a magnifood blend to aid absorption and efficacy. My absolute is TerraNova Probiotic Complex. It has prebiotics included, a freeze-dried superfood blend, and a brilliant combination of strains and strengths to maintain and support everyday digestive health and wellbeing.”

Wild Poppy on Main Street, Clane, Co Kildare

This issue Owner Shell Gavin and nutritional therapist Virginia Ziulu review anti-histamines, magnesium, a multivitamin drink and echinacea.

Open Mon-Wed 10am-5.30pm, Thurs-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm

Echinacea throat spray
Virginia says: “Echinacea is a very effective and scientifically proven herb used to treat an array of viral infections. A.Vogel Echinaforce Throat Spray has one of the highest safety standards and it is suitable for all ages. The addition of sage in this blend also helps to provide further antiviral and antibacterial properties.”

Multivitamin drink
Shell says: “Terranova’s multi award-winning Life Drink powder is an essential part of my diet. Packed with fresh freeze-dried botanicals and concentrated wholefoods, Life Drink provides a staggering array of naturally occurring phytonutrients, micronutrients, balanced protein, enzymes, microflora, essential fatty acids and fibre. An ideal nutritional foundation to start your day, and also perfect for that three o’clock slump.”

Nervous support
Virginia says: “Viridian l-theanine and lemon balm is a great supplement to support the nervous system, and a modern lifestyle. As l-theanine and lemon balm has been shown to promote relaxation and better sleep, this is a great product for women throughout perimenopause and menopause, as they can start experiencing less stress resilience and poor sleep.”

Magnesium supplement
Shell says: “I’m a huge magnesium advocate, there are so many benefits to taking a good quality magnesium supplement. As magnesium plays a key role in everything from exercise performance, to heart health and brain function. Viridian’s High Potency Magnesium is a best seller at Wild Poppy. Delivering an effective high strength and bioavailable dose, with 100% active ingredients with no additives, binders or fillers. A great product and a great price too.”

Virginia says: “Quercetin and nettle are both very powerful natural anti-histamines that help with seasonal allergies and also reduce histamine sensitivity and the hormonal rollercoaster during peri-menopause. Terranova Quercetin and Nettle is a safe and long term approach for sinusitis and rhinitis and it also helps to support the immune response.”

Virginia says: “Essential minerals are vital for the human body, especially to support cell function, energy levels, hormone and digestive function. Viridian-Sports Electrolyte Fix is a great product when playing sports due to the greater loss of minerals through sweat. Added to water daily, electrolytes can also help ease symptoms of low energy, a sluggish digestive system and aid hormonal balance.”

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