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Tried & Tested - September/October 2015

How Irish Association of Health Stores staff rate what they sell...

The Good Earth, Kilkenny

This issue Aine Keane, Christine Wyss, Alan Keane, Ruth Ghadmi and Lucy Kerr from The Good Earth in Kilkenny test a natural beauty cream, matcha tea, lavender oil, henna hair colour and joint oil.


Christine (pictured above, left) says: “I really like Atlantic Aromatics Lavender Oil. I have had trouble sleeping since the menopause and have tried different things to help. Now I put one drop of lavender on my PJ top just when I go to bed. The comforting aroma of the lavender envelopes me and my sleep has definitely improved. Even if I wake, the lavender soothes me back to sleep.”


Alan says: “I tried Viridian Joint Omega Oil for serious joint pains in my hands and experienced relief from the day I took it. The results have lasted and I would be very happy to recommend it. It’s a great mixture of omega oils and spice infusions.”


Aine (pictured above, second left) says: “My favourite product in the shop at the moment is Surya Brasil Henna. I wanted a change to cover grey hair so tried this as you can mix colours and also reuse opened bottles. This is great for achieving different tones and for touching up. While it doesn’t do a complete ‘cover up job’ it’s more natural and leaves hair in good condition.”


Ruth says: “Koyu Matcha Green Tea is made from powdered green tea leaves so the effect is much stronger than ordinary green tea. I find matcha great as a morning pick-me-up. Also it provides a slow release of energy throughout the day. It is high in antioxidants, can be served hot or cold and I enjoy it with a slice of lemon.”


Lucy (pictured above, third left)says: “Weleda Skin Food really nourishes and hydrates any patches of dry skin and it also works great as a hand cream. It contains extracts of chamomile, calendula and rosemary essential oil which really soothe the skin. I love the citrus fragrance and I would highly recommend it.”

Sonas Health Foods, Newcastle, Co Limerick

This issue Rosemarie Bennis, Triona Hayes and Joan Sheehan from Sonas Health Foods, Newcastle, Co Limerick test a rich coconut milk, sauerkraut, facial oil, magnesium supplement, l-theanine and tincture for sinus issues.


Triona says: “I used A.Vogel’s Plantago Tincture in treating a sinus infection recently. Within days of taking it my sinus pressure had started to ease and I wasn’t feeling as congested. It’s also helpful with earaches, nose and throat ailments due to its astringent and anti-catarrhal action.”


Joan says: “Dr Stuart’s Lax Plus Tea are individually wrapped and ideal for travelling. I drank it before bedtime and it worked first thing the next morning without much discomfort. It was a nice taste and refreshing – I’m well impressed!”


Rosemarie says: “The Cultured Food Company Raw Sauerkraut doesn’t sound appetising but it really tastes good, slightly sharp and tangy. I find it helps me digest my meals better. I have a spoonful or two on the side of my plate at almost every meal. It’s a nice complement to a roast dinner, salad, eggs or in a sandwich.”


Joan says: “I tried mango/passion fruit flavour Mag 365 and I really liked the smell when I added boiling water to it. I took 1tsp in boiling water first thing in the morning and again before bed. I suffer from leg cramps at night, after three or four nights I noticed I could stretch my leg fully without it cramping. Also I seem to sleep more soundly, without turning and twisting.”


Rosemarie says: “Rhythm Fresh Coconut Milk has to be tasted to be believed. It’s a fresh pressed coconut milk that’s more like a cream with pulp. It’s heavenly to eat out of the pack with a spoon when you need something sweet and creamy yet filling. A great treat, it’s delicious on its own, or serve a dollop on porridge or granola with strawberries or any soft fruits.”


Triona says: “Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + is a beauty must. It’s a certified organic facial oil with a blend of five active ingredients – rosehip, tomato, açai, cranberry oil and oat extract. This suits all skin types, is hydrating, healing and softens your skin beautifully. You only need two or three drops massaged into skin twice a day.”


Joan says: “Solgar L-Theanine is one of my favourite products and I always have it to hand for stress or anxiety. It works for me within half an hour. I was on a very long flight lately and as I suffer from claustrophobia I found the L-Theanine worked a treat.”

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