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Healing Harvest in Kinvara, Co Galway

In this issue Sian Eustace and Melanie Bouffard review a natural mouthwash and deodorant, herbal tea and oat biscuits and local kombucha and gluten-free crackers.

Open Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm. Closed for lunch.

Natural deodorant

Melanie says: "I tend to perspire a lot and for that reason the vast majority of natural deodorants just don't work for me. Warrior Lavender Geranium Eucalyptus Natural Deodorant is the only one I found that does the trick, and it is easy to apply with a lovely consistency, a beautiful natural smell and a reasonable price tag. It also doesn't leave any marks, despite containing a little baking soda."

Local kombucha

Sian says: "Hurst Botanicals Kombuchas are made in small batches in Co Clare by Alex and Ellen, who have recently opened their own tasting rooms. Delicious, refreshing and Fair Trade, that has to be a recipe for feeling good. My favourite is the pear and plum, but try all three flavours in case you disagree."

Natural mouthwash

Melanie says: "Sarakan Anti-Plaque Mouthwash with Natural Extract of Salvadora Persica (also known as the ‘toothbrush tree') has a very pleasant floral taste. It is flavoured with oils of peppermint, cloves and geranium. I find it very gentle yet effective on my very sensitive teeth, and my mouth feels refreshed and clean after each use."

Chocolate and orange oat biscuits

Sian says: "Nairn's Orange Oat Biscuits are my current snack addiction. Nairn's have been baking snacks from oats for a very long time and they really know what they're doing. These tasty biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of herbal tea, and come divided into four separate packs so you can't be too tempted! If you prefer something savoury, I also highly recommend the cheese oatcakes."

Gluten-free crackers

Melanie says: "A gluten-free diet doesn't have to be boring with Origin Earth Gluten Free Crackers which are very moreish, thin, simply delicious crackers that can be eaten on their own or with some spread. Vegan, high in protein and fibre, I simply can't stop eating them. Available in sesame or fennel."

Herbal tea

Sian says: "Did I mention a cup of herbal tea to go with the biscuits? Yogi Tea Organic Alkaline Herbs Tea is my current favourite. This blend is a delicious, light and refreshing mix of cleansing herbs such as nettle, alfalfa and dandelion, with a little zing of lemon. I bring it in my flask to work every day."

Healthy Beings in Strokestown, Co Roscommon

In this issue owners Anne Quirke and Colette Glynn review a fish oil, magnesium, aloe vera juice and ashwagandha.

Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm


Anne says: "Macánta Ashwagandha KSM-66 is my go to product for mental focus and physical performance. I originally tried it about a year ago when I was playing eight hours of golf. I took two capsules around 12 noon and really felt an improvement in energy, mental clarity and decision making. I've been taking it when playing golf matches since then, and I wouldn't be without it now. It is a full-spectrum ashwagandha root extract and is standardised at 5% withanolides."

Fish oil

Colette says: "I have been using Wiley's Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil for about three years. I like the Easy Swallow Mini's because the capsules are small, easy to swallow and there's no fishy after taste. I find it helps with joint aches and pains and if I run out or don't take it for a while I'll know all about it! I also like that the company is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified for sustainable fishing."

Halloumi for cooking

Anne says: "The Proper Dairy Company Halloumi is the most delicious cheese I have ever tasted. I cut it into strips and brown it on a pan in a little Naturli Organic Vegan Spreadable and serve on a bed of mixed leaves with sliced beetroot and strawberries, garnished with toasted almonds - the perfect simple lunch!"

Magnesium bisglycinate

Colette says: "Lately I started using PrizMag Pure Magnesium Bisglycinate for sleep and restless legs. I had been using a citrate form of magnesium, but discovered that the bisglycinate form is more beneficial for the nervous system and sleep because it is bound to the amino acid glycine which has a calming effect on the mind. For sleep bisglycinate definitely has the edge over citrate in terms of relaxing the mind before sleep."

Aloe vera juice

Anne says: "About eight years ago I was doing a lot of powerlifting training and developed dysbiosis from a high protein diet. I healed and sealed my gut with good old fashioned home-made bone broth and stock using bones from my local butcher. Since then I've used Optima Aloe Vera Juice on and off to maintain a healthy gut and, thankfully, I've had no issues since. I've also had great success with clients that have used it for bloating, belching and general gut inflammation."

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