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Tried & Tested - May/June 2015

How Irish Association of Health Stores staff rate what they sell...

Healing Harvest, Kinvara, Co Galway

This issue, owner/manager Sian Eustace, assistant manager Claire O’Donnell and sales assistant Aoife Hughes review almond butter, a cold elixir, beauty oil and dairy-free yogurt:


Sian says: “We have five types of almond butter in our shop. It’s a great source of protein, good fats, calcium and much more. Carley’s Raw White Almond Butter on an oatcake or in a smoothie is a filling, nutritious snack. I use the 1kg Meridian tub for cooking with my kids but this tasty jar of goodness is my treat hidden at the back of the press.”


Aoife says: “When I caught this winter’s awful lingering cold I took Comvita Winter Wellness Elixir as soon as I felt it starting. The texture is brilliant for soothing a sore throat and softening a cough. The ingredients proved highly effective in shortening and reducing the cold. It now has a permanent spot in my house with thumbs up from all the family.”


Claire says: “I love Viridian Ultimate Beauty Oil – it tastes great and a teaspoon each day is all you need. My skin was noticeably softer and smoother within a few days of taking this oil. The oil tastes great on its own, mixed with natural yogurt, added to smoothies or as part of a salad dressing.”


Claire says: “Coyo yogurts are my new favourite product in the shop. They are dairy-free, gluten-free, 100% natural and vegan and all the flavours taste delicious. They have a beautiful rich creamy taste and a little goes a long way. I use Coyo mixed with chopped fruit, added to granola or stirred through a bowl of porridge.”


Sian says: “My kids just love Tinti Bath Colour Tablets which change the colour of your bath water. The colours come from renewable resources like flowers and fruits, they have no SLS or parabens and don’t even stain the bath. Tinti bath colours come in packs of 9 or in pocket-money friendly single tablets. My tip is that half a tablet is enough and you can mix half and half to learn about colour blending!”

Hudson’s Wholefoods, Ballydehob, Co Cork

This issue, Gill Hudson, Sam Muller, Gina Joyce, Dee Cotter and Lianne Cleary review a breakfast topping, liquid iron and vitamins formula, krill oil and bamboo socks


Gill says: “I take Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women daily. I find it is a great mix of essential fatty acids, soy isoflavones, rosemary oil and vitamins D and B. It gives protection to my heart and improves the brain and nervous system. It also helps with joint and back pain and is good for the skin and hair. It has no fishy taste and is ethically fished.”


Sam says: “Superlife Porridge Breakfast Topping is full of antioxidants from goji, mullberries and cacao. It has an ideal essential fatty acid profile from chia and hemp seeds. A great addition to a bowl of porridge, muesli or fruit, it tastes fantastic too. I add it to trail mix when hiking.”


Gina says: “My passion and love is for locally-produced organic vegetables. I am a grower myself and know the hard work, time and expense it takes to grow tasty excellent produce. In our store we sell local seasonal vegetables which are popular in the cafe and with the customers.”


Dee says: “I love Bam Bamboo Socks. Made from sustainable materials, they are breathable, soft and padded under foot. The bright coloured stripy ones are funky and make good pressies too. Cool in summer and cosy and warm in winter.”


Lianne says: “Floradix Floravital, liquid iron and vitamin formula helps maintain my energy levels and helps me get iron and B vitamins from its easily absorbed juicy liquid formula. It is like a little fruit shot of energy. I have recently been encouraging my teenage daughter to take it to help her in times of tiredness.”

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