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This issue supervisor Jillian Donaldson, business development manager Brooke Murphy and sales assistants Olwyn Williams, Andres McCarron, Carol Dempsey and Carolin Schaffler review magnesium capsules, a multivitamin, CBD oil and mood probiotic


Jillian says: “My mood was pretty low when I started to take Garden of Life Probiotics Mood+ and over the course my mood has improved and I’m back to normal. I like the inclusion of ashwaghanda as I fnd that really effective. As a probiotic, the high number of microbes and the amount of different types is impressive. I also didn’t have any bacterial infections of any kind whilst on this product, which is a good sign of its effectiveness.“


Brooke says: “Solgar Omnium was recommended to me as a multivitamin to help with my energy levels, but also because I suspected I might have an underactive thyroid. Omnium contains essential nutrients for optimum thyroid function as well as being a super anti-oxidant-rich multivitamin. The energy difference was, and still is, noticeable. I am not getting tired as easily in the mid afternoon and my mornings are brighter and more energetic than before.”


Andres says: “I took Prizmag Magnesium because I heard it was good for people that worked out. I found that it gave me more energy in the evenings whilst I was taking it. I would defnitely recommend this product to anyone who is training or likes to do a lot of sport.”


Carol says: “When I began to feel a cold and chest infection coming on I took Solgar Beta Glucans/Elderberry Immune Complex. This is a blend of vitamin D3, ester C, zinc and elderberry, all contributing to fight off infection. I really felt the benefts of taking this supplement after a week. I would recommend it to anyone coming down with flu/cold-like symptoms.


Carolin says: “I took Celtic Wind Crops 5% Hemp CBD Oil because I have sleep issues and migraines. I found it made me more relaxed and it helped me get to sleep easier. I also experienced shorter migraine attacks and less painful headaches too.”


Olwyn says: “I used Pukka Vitalise capsules for a little over two weeks to build me up and revitalise my body after a period of exhaustion and feeling run down. I took it earlier in the day, at breakfast and lunch time, to reduce the likelihood that it would negatively affect my sleep. Its advanced phytonutrient-rich multiple vitamin and mineral formula really help to me to feel better.”

Full Of Beans, Waterford

This issue company director Robert Coffey, sales advisor Shane Russell, sales advisor Rita Micachunate, sales advisor Irina Kukshinova, nutritionist Gemma Burns and office manager Marina Murphy review a joint support, hay fever remedy, magnesium supplement and digestive enzyme


Shane says: “I started using Solgar L-theanine while studying for exams and while doing some public speaking and felt no anxiety at all. It also keeps me from reaching for snacks when I get bored as it helps with building the happy hormone serotonin. This is also good for instant relief from anxious situations.”


Robert says: “I have tried NaturesPlus Ultrazyme and found massive improvements in sluggish digestion and bloating. I had my gallbladder removed so the addition of bile in this supplement helps to give my body the extra help it needs in comparison to a normal digestive enzyme.”


Gemma says: “Having suffered with hay fever and prickly heat for years I finally found something that works. Not only does Viridian Quercetin B5 Complex help when I have a hay fever episode or get a rash, but it also reduces the frequency of the episodes by fxing the root cause as opposed to generic antihistamines.


Rita says: “When I hit my 30s I decided it was time to try a product with hyaluronic acid so I chose Dublin Herbalists Regenerating Face Cream. I have definitely noticed a difference in the plumpness of my skin and any areas of dryness have disappeared.”


Irina says: “I was intrigued to try Prizmag Magnesium, as the addition of glycine interested me as I am a pretty stressed person and have difficulty sleeping. After a few days of taking it I noticed a big improvement in my sleep and also felt a bit more level-headed.”


Marina says: “I started taking Flexofytol Joints about two months ago and have found a great improvement in my joints, especially my knees. Before I started taking these my knees would be painful when bending up and down. Now I can bend with no problem or pain.”

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