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Celebrity Health - Lacy Moore

Lacy Moore is an actress from north Dublin who is going places. She has been in Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Game of Thrones, The Fall and the movie Kill Ratio. Now she's in Amazon Prime’s Age Of The Living Dead. She has travelled extensively and now lives back in Dublin

Interview: Lucy Taylor. Photos: Barry McCall

Tell us about your past year, Lacy.

I was in Oxfordshire and London filming Age of the Living Dead last March – and when filming wrapped the whole country was in lockdown. Since then I have been back in Dublin. I live on Meath Street in Dublin’s Liberties which is a great place to live. It is so close to town and even in a 5km lockdown I have been able to walk all over the city. I like to walk to Stephen’s Green.

What sort of exercise do you do to keep in shape?

I am a fitness fanatic – I would normally go to the gym five or six times per week and do spin, aerobics, yoga, dance, everything really. I love the social aspect of working out with others in groups. It is like my anxiety medication, to get rid of stress. During the past year I have really missed it.

I still work out six days a week, but I do live workouts online with some of the instructors from my gym.

I just did 30 minutes of burpees on the roof of the apartments here, with lots of jumping up and down to music. Then in the apartment I did 30 minutes of weights, sit-ups and squats. When I first started to exercise on the roof, as I didn’t want to annoy my neighbours with the noise through their ceiling, I was self-conscious about people seeing me doing it, but I pushed myself to do it. Now nobody takes any notice.

What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy?

I have a smoothie in the morning which I make with milled flaxseeds, blueberries and other fruit and Greek yogurt and milk.

For lunch and dinner I go for high protein low carbohydrate foods to help build and repair muscles from all the exercise I do. So I might have steamed salmon with steamed vegetables, with sweet potato or brown rice. In nicer weather I might have a spinach salad with smoked salmon or tuna, tomatoes, olives and Greek feta cheese.

In the winter I like baked vegetables and chicken. All the veg I eat is great for my complexion. I also love chocolate.

Do you take any natural supplements or drinks?

I recently started taking CBD oil and am finding it amazing. It helps me to chill out and cope with anxiety. I am sleeping better and it is slowing my thoughts down. I take evening primrose oil for PMT and multivitamins with iron, which are good for fatigue.

Do you like independent health stores?

I am in health stores all the time. I like to buy licorice – I have a sweet tooth, so this is a more healthy choice for me. I buy milled flaxseeds for my porridge and smoothies, protein powders, fruit and nut mixes and I find their tinned soups are really good.

Do you ever worry about your health?

Yes I do. I think that with my job being in front of the camera it puts pressure on me to stay fit and healthy. It is a physically and psychologically demanding job that makes me focus on living a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about having the energy to do the job. I am always conscious of it – I need to be in the gym every day, even on holiday I check out if I can use the hotel gym.

Do you have any health tips for Rude Health readers?

  • Get into good habits – it’s really important for your whole life.
  • Try to be consistent with your health habits.
  • Do something every day for your health – either physically or in your diet.
  • View exercise and diet as a lifestyle thing so you can live better, have more energy and be happier.
  • Make your health a priority in your life.


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