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Lighten up

Going blonder in the summer months doesn’t have to mean reaching for the peroxide and doing your hair harm; go lighter the natural way

A lighter, brighter hair-do is on many wish lists come summer. Where the winter months call for rich hues and warming reds, the sunshine gives us the urge for shiny, highlighted hair. But all that colour change does your hair no favours with chemically stripping the hair to lighten it, then adding darker colour come winter. Unless you go down the natural route that is.

If you want to go down the DIY route then a simple lemon juice spray will lift colour from the hair when the sun opens the cuticles. A dash of olive oil will help keep the hair conditioned during the hot summer months. Another great natural alternative is Khadi Hair Colour, a great way to revitalise and add colour and shine to your hair. The range includes Golden Hint, Light Blonde and Medium Blonde. Khadi herbal hair colours are so easy to use at home. They are chemical free, kind to your hair and offer fantastic colour results.

The colour does not penetrate into the hair shaft, instead it forms a layer of colour around each strand to give natural all over colour and even covers grey!

Once you have the shade you are after, look after it with Lavera Colour & Shine Shampoo. Designed to protect colour-treated hair. Natural avocado nourishes and cranberry gives your hair a zesty scent too.

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