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And the winners are...

These are the products you voted for that helped get you through Lockdown

Dr Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer

"Dr Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer quickly kills bacteria on hands when soap and water are unavailable, and leaves behind a lovely lavender scent. The active ingredient, ethyl alcohol, is certified Organic and Fair Trade, and therefore is never derived from genetically modified organisms. Organic glycerin, which naturally draws moisture into the skin, is added to the hand spray rather than synthetic petrochemical thickeners, and this leaves a smooth after-feel that is not sticky or drying. We are thrilled it has won the Rude Health Platinum Award for Best Cleansing Product."
Paul Irwin, Managing Director of Dr. Bronner's Ireland

EIRLAB Coronagel ® Virucidal Alcohol Hand Gel

"It's an honour to have EIRLAB Coronagel® crowned as Best Cleansing Product Gold in the Rude Health Lockdown awards. Our aim was to develop a hand sanitiser that was in compliance with CDC guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - we are happy to say it has exceeded all expectations."
Eirlab Management

Weleda Skin Food

"We are delighted that our Skin Food Original has won Best Moisturiser Platinum in the Rude Health Lockdown Awards. This is rather a poignant award to win, and one which we perhaps won't celebrate with the usual gleeful whooping and cheering, but this award for our iconic multi-tasking skin soother is surely closest to our heart and one that we gratefully accept on behalf of all the dedicated critical care workers in the health service that we were privileged to support at the peak of the pandemic, in the best way we know how."
Susie Fairgrieve, Communications Director, Weleda UK

Antipodes Baptise H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel

"We are delighted that Antipodes Baptise H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel has won the Rude Health Gold Lockdown Award. It's a fabulous moisturiser and has been many of our teams' skin salvation during lockdown, thanks to its superior hydration qualities. It feels light on the skin and is so quickly absorbed, but is a real heavyweight when it comes to performance!"
Alexander Barani, Managing Director of Kinetic, distributor of Antipodes

Galway Natural Health - Junior Revive

"We are delighted that the readers of Rude Health have voted Junior Revive as Best Kids Product Platinum. When we set about creating this product a few years ago our goal was to formulate a quality product that supports children in key areas, namely their heart, brain and bones while keeping their immune system in check. We are proud that the quality of this product is recognised by Rude Health readers, thank you."
Joanne Clancy, Brand Manager at Revive Active

PPC Eskimo-3 Kids

"We are absolutely thrilled to win the Rude Health Gold Lockdown Award for Best Kids Product. Winning this award is a testament to the quality and efficacy of the product and proves that Eskimo-3 Kids is loved and trusted by health stores and consumers alike. As an Irish company, we take great pride in our brand and we love to spread the word about all its benefits. Thank you to all the readers that took time out to vote Eskimo-3 Kids as their favourite kids product. We love it too!"
Olive Curran, PPC Ltd. Galway

Pro-Ven 25 Billion

"Pro-Ven Probiotics are proud to win the Rude Health Platinum Lockdown Award for best digestive support. Developed by Dr Nigel Plummer, ProVen Probiotics Adult Acidophilus and Bifidus – 25 Billion is a high-strength friendly bacteria supplement for everyday use for adults aged 16+. Supported by a unique body of UK-based clinical research, the Lab4 live bacteria in ProVen Adult 25 Billion is the most comprehensively studied group of friendly bacteria in the UK. Each capsule contains 12.5 billion friendly bacteria along with key nutrients to provide additional support for digestion (calcium) and immunity (vitamins C and D, zinc and selenium)."
Cheryl John, Sales Account Manager, Pro-Ven

Wren - OptiBac Probiotics 'For every day EXTRA Strength'

"We're delighted that our 'For every day EXTRA Strength' has been honoured with the Rude Health Gold Lockdown Award. This is one of our most popular daily probiotics and is really worthy of some recognition – it contains a combination of highly-researched probiotic strains, including L. acidophilus NCFM®, the world's most clinically researched strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus. This product is such a great all- rounder for digestive support: at 20 billion live cultures per capsule, it's a favourite with those who suffer from more significant digestive issues, yet is gentle enough to be taken by anyone from the age of one year and over. Suitable for vegans, and free from all the major allergens, 'For every day EXTRA Strength' doesn't require refrigeration, so is easy to take with you anywhere. Well done 'For every day EXTRA Strength'"
Kerry Beeson, BSc (NutMed.) Nutritional Therapist

Terranova Nutrition Smooth Mag

"We are so excited and grateful that Smooth Mag has been chosen by the wonderful Rude Health readers as the Platinum Award for Best product for Calm/Stress. And considering how much the need for stress support has been magnified during the challenges of lockdown, winning this award is especially humbling."
Stephen Terrass, Founder and Formulator, Terranova Nutrition

Hempture CBD Oil

"We're delighted that Hempture CBD Oil has been honoured with the Rude Health Gold Lockdown Award. Hemp has been our intense passion for decades and to see our products helping people really touches our hearts. It has been long journey and the recognition with this award gives us some real energy - a big thanks for making this happen."
Jessica and the Hempture Team

ITL Health - PrizMAG

"We are thrilled at how many people report improved sleep from PrizMAG! We know first hand how difficult it is to function with poor sleep, so it was very important for us to introduce a pure and effective, yet affordable supplement to help solve the problem of sleep that so many people struggle with. Thank you to all of our customers and to Rude Health for this award! We are so grateful."
Lynae Morningstar and Meaghan Esser, owners ITL Health

Active Edge CherryActive Sleep Formula Capsules

"Active Edge are delighted to have won Gold in the Best Sleep Aid category of the Rude Health Lockdown Awards! Sleep is an essential element in maintaining good health and our CherryActive Sleep Formula capsules combine Montmorency cherry powder with chamomile, lavender and magnesium - all ingredients shown to have a beneficial effect on sleep patterns."
John Carey, Director of Active Edge

UnBEElievable Health - Bee Energised

"The Rude Health Awards are so highly regarded, and we are thrilled that our Bee energised supplements won Platinum in the Best Energiser Award! We spent ages working with nutritionists to come up with the ideal formula to improve energy and focus and which would also have benefits that build with time. We are so pleased to have won this award!"
Sarah Orecchia, Founder/Director, Unbeelievable Health

Terranova Life Drink

"Winning the Gold Award for energy products means so much to us, and we are immensely grateful to all those who voted for Life Drink! Lockdown has often made it more difficult to maintain peak energy levels, so we are especially happy that so many Rude Health readers seem to have benefited from Life Drink during this challenging period."
Stephen Terrass, Founder and Formulator, Terranova Nutrition

Abundance & Health - Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C

"We are over the moon that Altrient has been recognised as Rude Health Best Immune Support Platinum. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Altrient C devotees that continue to choose us! The support of the Irish consumers is so highly valued by our team and we will continue to support each and every person with our little 'miracle gels'."
Szil Orchard, Head of Trade & Sales, Abundance & Health

Galway Natural Health - Revive Active

"Supporting our immune system has never being so important. Revive Active, the Irish Super Supplement contains 26 active ingredients in one daily powdered sachet, 8 of which support the immune system; Zinc, Copper, Folic Acid, Selenium, Vitamins B12, B6, C & D. It is an honour to be recognised as one of your best immune support products, thank you Rude Health readers."
Joanne Clancy, Brand Manager at Revive Active

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