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Best Energiser

Nominated products in this category

Synergistic drink blend

Deeply nourishing and intensely synergistic, Terranova’s multi- award-winning Life Drink powder was developed as a unique foundational nutritional product. Featuring fresh freeze-dried botanicals, concentrated wholefoods and other natural actives, Life Drink provides a staggering array of naturally occurring phytonutrients, micronutrients, balanced protein, enzymes, microflora, essential fatty acids, fibre and much more.

For energy and focus

What’s so great about Bee Energised? It is formulated by nutritionists combining concentrated amounts of highest quality organic ingredients such as bee pollen, matcha and spirulina, with rosemary extract, ginseng, B vitamins and more. Try it for sports and fitness training, brain fog, when run down, jet lag, exams and more.

Supporting busy lifestyles

Wild Nutrition KSM-66 ® Ashwagandha Plus provides 500mg of ashwagandha root with Food-Grown ® Magnesium to support the body through challenging times. Ashwagandha is an exceptional Indian herb traditionally used to support the body’s resilience to physiological and psychological demand. Available from all leading health food stores.

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