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Best for Immune Support

Nominated products in this category

Vitamin, mineral and amino acid blend

Revive Active is formulated to provide individuals with the most comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in one convenient daily sachet. It contains 26 active ingredients which contribute to the maintenance of the immune system, a healthy heart and supporting energy levels. The product is formulated and manufactured in Ireland. Priced at €17.50 for a seven-day pack and €59.95 for a 30-day pack.

Liposomal vitamin C

Altrient liposomal vitamin C has been a lockdown essential in many homes across the globe and popular with frontline healthcare workers. This cutting-edge supplement, made using a patented process, cleverly protects vitamin C from being broken down in the digestive system, delivering maximised absorption into the bloodstream and cells where it is needed most.

For optimal immune system health

Bee Prepared daily immune formula is formulated by nutritionists and combines therapeutic amounts of plant-based nutrients with proven benefits for optimising immune system health. The product includes bee propolis, elderberry and olive leaf (which have natural antibiotic and antiviral properties). They are helpful for colds, flu, hay fever and illness. Suitable for most ages.

All-round immune support

Pharma Nord’s BioActive Selenium + Zinc was developed for functional antioxidant processes. As it contains not only selenium and zinc but also B6, vitamin C and E, it helps to support the immune system in many ways. The product contains the patented SelenoPrecise yeast (organic selenium) with excellent and documented bio-availability (88.7% absorption) and safety records. Priced at €12.95.

Support for the immune system

Vitamin D is one of the media’s hot topics and much research has been published recently about its importance. Pharma Nord’s BioActive D Pearls are dissolved in cold-pressed organic virgin olive oil for optimal absorption. They are small, easy to swallow and the capsules are packaged in hygienic blisters. Priced at €19.95 for 75ug (3,000 IU) and €14.95 for 38ug (1,520 IU).

Immune support for every season

Lifeplan’s BerryWell capsules combine a high-strength black elderberry extract with 100% of the NRV of vitamin C and zinc, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Elderberries are naturally rich in flavonoids, powerful antioxidants which protect cells from oxidative stress. This one-a-day capsule contains no fillers, artificial colours and is registered with the Vegan Society.

A synergistic blend

Immuno4 is a synergistic blend of organically certified nutritional ingredients which help to maintain the proper functioning of the immune system. The product contains shiitake mushroom, Egyptian black cumin seed oil, apple cider vinegar, flower essences, energised colloidal silica and Anas Barbariae. It works physically, emotionally, on a cellular level and on a vibrational level.

Gut-friendly vitamin C

Biomax ® Vitamin C Liposomal is the first liposomal product in Ireland in powder form! Liposomal vitamin C uses technology that encapsulates the vitamin C molecules in liposomal microspheres which protect the vitamin C from destruction in the digestive system and ensure rapid delivery into the bloodstream. Free from soy, alcohol, GMO, preservatives and single-use plastic.

Available in all good health stores.

Top immunity supplement

British brand YourZooki uses liposomes to safely deliver vitamin C through the digestive system and into the bloodstream, improving bioavailability and immune system support. Tatler named Vitamin C Zooki as the top immunity supplement recommended by the Queen’s pharmacist. This liposomal product is suitable for vegans and free from alcohol, artificial preservatives, gluten, dairy, sugar and soy.

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