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Keane on health

Lorraine Keane is one of Ireland's most popular and experienced broadcast journalists. She is also the creator of the award-winning Keane On Style Fashion, Health & Beauty Roadshow. Over a career that spans 20 years she has presented shows for RTE, TV3, UTV, ITV and Sky One. Lorraine is an IFTA nominated broadcaster, winner of The Peter Mark VIP Style award and Celebrity Mother of the Year award. A huge supporter of charities, she is currently a volunteer with Make A Wish foundation, World Vision Ireland, Breast Cancer Ireland, Crumlin Children's Hospital and The Down Syndrome Centre.

What sort of exercise do you do to keep in shape?

I do pilates twice a week and try to do it at the weekend too. Instead of taking the lift I take the stairs, I walk to the shops instead of driving, and we have two small dogs who need lots of walking. I am a strong believer in keeping moving and not taking the easy way out. I have always been conscious of exercising and love exercise with a purpose, like running errands on foot so you get to tick boxes. I have been cycling a lot this year in and out of town.

What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy?

I’m not hungry until 11am but if I have to go out I will make myself have a slice of brown toast and tea. I like sourdough toasted with chopped tomatoes, avocadoes, salt and pepper and olive oil. Or a poached egg on toast. I have a capuccino at 11am. At lunchtime I will go for a wrap or sushi. I always say I would rather have a good sandwich than a bad meal because I love sandwiches.

In the car I carry fruit, nuts and almonds but as a rule I try to avoid snacking because I think I enjoy my meals more without snacks. My favourite meal of the day is dinner. We don’t have a deep fat fryer and rarely eat convenience foods. Myself, my husband and our two daughters are real foodies and will eat anything. So I enjoy cooking and trying out new things. We eat oven-baked fish quite a lot, we love to make sushi and Indian or Thai food with boiled rice. At the weekend I always cook a roast. I never eat dessert. I am health conscious but I don’t over-fuss about food. I think everything in moderation is a good thing. I think of alcohol as like liquid cake, so I try not to overdo it.

Do you take any natural supplements?

I was on antibiotics at easter and after that was advised to take a probiotic, so I am going to keep that up. I take Cleanmarine MenoMin every day – it is essentially a supplement for menopause with omega-3 krill oil, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and D3, as well as rosemary extract, soy isoflavones, folate and biotin, but it’s not just suitable for women over 50. It helps to balance your hormones which can really help women of all ages, especially over 35. After I had been taking it for a month I really noticed a difference – I felt more in balance with less mood swings, I am less irritable, experience less interrupted sleep and tiredness and have better energy levels. I can really say it works.

Do you ever worry about your health?

Yes, since my daughters were born and I became a mother I have had a fear of not being around for them. I want to be really healthy and live a really long life like my grandmother.

How do you relax when you are not in the public eye?

I am a pretty relaxed person. I like to cook and get friends and family over. I jump on my bike, walk on the beach with our dogs and I enjoy travel and going to restaurants with my husband.

Do you have any health tips for Rude Health readers?

Keeping healthy is a combination of exercise and nutrition and I really believe in everything in moderation. As for life in general you can have everything, but not at the same time.

Photograph by Barry McCall. Hair by Tori Keane and make-up by Becky Keane at Dylan Bradshaw. Interview Lucy Taylor


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