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Natural comfort

Ladies, trust us, it’s worth taking extra care when it comes to your intimate care. Here’s our guide to taking a natural upgrade...

The average woman will have 500 periods in her lifetime.

That means, depending on her personal preference, she will use 11,000 tampons or sanitary towels. Mind blowing huh? Quite aside from the costs involved (and yes, it is still a ‘luxury’ item and taxed as such) just think how much contact those sanitary products have with your body over the years.

The trend for natural and organic beauty has been on the rise during 2017 and we predict that come 2018 more and more women will also turn to natural and organic intimate hygiene products.

Just think about it for a second. You consider the amount of chemicals in your shampoo, use natural products when it comes to skincare and eat organic as much as you can. But if you are still using chemical-laden products ‘down there’ then you are still exposing yourself to toxins. Tampons in particular inhabit an extremely permeable part of the body that can absorb more toxins than anything taken orally. Why not make sure that the products you are using are as natural as you can get too?

Naturally Fresh

Organyc feminine hygiene products tick all the boxes. The brand strives to provide women with reliable protection the natural way, using only organic cotton wool in their pads and tampons.

Take their applicator tampons for example, they have a cotton core that is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. The cotton is naturally bleached to reduce any risk of irritation and then treated with a naturally-occurring disinfectant. The tampons are comfortable for everyday wear and are the ideal size for your handbag.

If sanitary pads and panty liners are your preferred products then the Organyc panty liners are a breathable pad that help avoid irritation.

Whatever you choose, this upgraded, redefined and all-natural approach to your intimate products is a great way to bring a natural and organic approach to another aspect of your life.

Freshen up

Feeling fresh when your time of the month comes along is just as important. Organyc organic cotton wet wipes include organically-grown calendula and chamomile extracts so they have a refreshing aroma and leave your skin feeling moisturised too. The wipes also include lactic acid to help stabilise your natural pH balance, which means you can freshen up without causing any irritation.

But Organyc isn’t just for your monthlies, their range includes cotton wool pads and buds for all your family’s needs. Plus breast pads and baby wipes for new mothers and their little ones too.


Natural ways to beat period cramps

Periods often come with cramps. Here’s our guide to the best natural ways to ease the discomfort.

1. Up your magnesium. Magnesium levels in your body dip during menstruation. Taking a magnesium supplement or bathing in magnesium bath salt can help ease period pain by relaxing your muscles.

2. Light exercise. A little light exercise, such as yoga or a brisk walk, will raise endorphin levels which acts as a natural painkiller.

3. Up the heat. A warm bath or heat pads will help ease cramps and bring you much-needed comfort.

4. Use a little Clary Sage. This herb does wonders for women at all times of life but massaged into the abdomen during a period, it helps to balance your hormones and ease muscle spasms.

5. Lots of water. Keep your fluid levels up to ease bloating - try a warm, herbal tea for a hug in a mug.

6. Get some sleep. If you are feeling particularly uncomfortable then a good night’s sleep is often the best cure.

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