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Independent health store advice on skin issues

Many of us take our skin totally for granted as long as it seems to look alright. But what happens, when there’s a change? Some changes are inevitably linked to getting older, but others may include itchy patches, scaly, flaky parts, redness, acne and so on.

When a customer brings one of these conditions to me in The Aquarian, I begin with a questionnaire like this:

When did this begin? What happened around the time this began? Has it happened before? When? Have you made any changes in skincare and/or nutrition? Any changes at home, work or school?

For the majority of customers the reason for skin issues lies in the health of their digestive system.

Unlike every other organ in our body, skin reflects what is going on inside the body on the outside of the body. We do not see what our lungs, kidneys, bladder, colon and liver look like, and yet our skin may be giving us clues to how they are performing. When one or more internal organs of elimination are overworked, our skin tends to help out in getting rid of toxins, hormones, irritants and so on, hence spots or other skin issues.

So what can we do about this? First of all, be really honest with yourself. If you overindulge in sugar, wine, rich or fried foods, the only person that can make a change is yourself. Start by looking very closely at your lifestyle and taking baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle. If we take the ‘big axe’ approach, our brain will sooner rather than later convince us that it’s too hard and really, we deserve to indulge. One habit change at a time is the healthiest approach.

What you eat is important and following a diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and essential fatty acids will help to give your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs. Prebiotics and probiotics both help to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria and keep its functions in balance. These are closely followed by omegas in good quality fish/krill and seed oils.

Many conventional products can irritate sensitive skin with chemicals and perfumes, so you may wish to try some natural products on your skin during this time. You may be washing your skin too much and stripping it of its protective barrier. I always suggest the use of very natural and chemical-free body care products as I find them so much more nourishing for our skin. Products that contain honey, chamomile and aloe vera are all good for itchy or sensitive skin.

Who’s who and what’s what at The Aquarian?

Owner Suzan Turan opened a health store in Cahersiveen, Co Kerry in July 2002, but it only became known as The Aquarian in 2009. Situated on the main street, this large store which has a light and airy feel and is a friendly place to hang out attracts passing customers including summer tourists following the Wild Atlantic Way.

“We have a large food selectrion including fresh local bread, local apples and honey when in season as well as other fresh offers such as organic cheeses and organic fruit and vegetables,” says Suzan Turan. “Our chiller is packed with dairy- and lactose-free products such as milks, yogurts and spreads and fermented drinks such as kombucha.”

“Our freezer has a good selection of frozen meals, organic and dairy-free ice-cream, quorn and tofu products plus frozen fruit and vegetables. We have a very big section in the shop for dried and tinned foods including pulses, grains and seeds, gluten-free and organic pasta and flour, snacks such as biscuits, crackers and chocolate, oils and vinegars and other cooking condiments, jams and nut butters, herbal teas and coffee plus much more.

“You can find anything you need in our beauty section including natural make-up, skincare products, make-up remover, hair colours as well as sanitary products. Our baby section includes organic baby food, goat formula, probiotics and skincare as well as wipes and eco nappies. Eco-cleaning also includes a broad range of products including everything needed to clean your house plus a vegetable wash spray, coffee filters, baking cups and foils.

“Supplements are key to our business and we stock all the big brands. Sports people are well served with magnesium spray, protein powders and fermented drinks.

“Gifts are pretty popular in The Aquarian with local candles and candle holders, salt lamps, incense sticks and crystals plus aromatherapy oils and sprays. Body care gift packs are popular during the festive season. We also stock books, tarot and angel cards and CDs. We run food tastings and food and eco beauty events.”

Visit: The Aquarian, Main Street, Cahersiveen, Co Kerry
SPEAK TO: Owner Suzan Turan who is qualified in aromatherapy and Dr Vodder manual lymphatic drainage; store assistants Peter Hill and Virginia Blanco. Visiting therapists use two rooms above the shop. They are Dr Janice Tucker, a Chinese medicine expert and acupuncturist and Andrea Haugh who performs reflexology.

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