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Natural breast health

By naturopath Elle Fox

Breast Cancer Ireland’s current statistics are that 1:9 women develops breast cancer. So what natural measures support breast health?

Fasting - weight regulation supports overall health. Intermittent fasting may help this.

Brassicas – compounds in cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips), are under investigation for breast cancer therapy. Steam or eat raw; chew well.

Iodine – Japanese women who eat seaweed daily (rich in natural iodine) have lower rates of both thyroid and breast cancers. Add seaweed or sea vegetables to your daily diet.

Reduce alcohol consumption – associated with increased risk of various malignancies including breast cancer.

Living ‘clean’ – an organic, locally sourced, fresh diet appears to offer the most benefits. Avoid sugary, processed ‘beige’ foods - choose organic personal care and cleaning products with only natural ingredients. Invest in a water filter.

Exercising – physically active women have lower rates of various cancers, including breast, uterus and colon.

Get safe sunlight – higher levels of vitamin D, made by the action of sunlight on skin, relate to lower rates of various cancers, including breast, uterus and colon.

Self-check – regular self-examination for changes in breast or nipple tissue can alert early to potential problems.

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