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Organico in Bantry, Co Cork

This issue team member Saoirse Nash, massage therapist and team member Santhe Tanner, Somatics Therapist and team member Dee Cotter, office manager Eithne ni Mhurchu, shop manager Fleur Hindley, team member Ailbhe Edgeworth and co-owner Hannah Dare review raw sauerkraut, shea butter, a blackseed oil beauty supplement and vitamins C and B12

Store open Monday to Saturday 10am to 1.30pm, 2.30pm to 5pm.


Saoirse says: “My favourite product at the moment is the Better You Vitamin B12 spray. It's such a convenient and easy way of getting your daily dose of B12, plus it tastes so good that even kids like it! The size makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go – no more lugging around several bottles of rattling pills.”


Santhe says: “My most recent favourite product is Viridian Blackseed Oil, a powerful beauty supplement that helps to support healthy glowing skin and strong healthy hair. I also use it as a face oil and add a few drops of lavender and rose essential oils.”


Dee says: “At the moment I’m loving One Nutrition Joint Factor. With super anti-inflammatory Boswellia (ancient precious resin, better known as Frankincense), avocado, nettle and glucosamine, my peri-menopausal joints stay eased and mobile. These lovely ingredients are also really good for my skin.”


Eithne says: “My favourite product is Spoonful Botanicals, a blend of herbs, spices and fermented fruits made in Co Louth. I put it in my porridge every morning, or sometimes have it with eggs. And it tastes great, with a mix of the sweetness of the raisins and the spices.”


Fleur says: “My current favourites are Fushi Organic Hand Made Shea butter, which I use all over my body – it’s unscented so good for sensitive skin. It’s also whipped, so it’s easy to apply and very nourishing and hydrating."


Hannah says: “I’m currently loving the Trilogy Vitamin C range, in particular the serum, which is lovely to use and I think it's great to counteract the damage the sun is doing to my skin. The newest additions, the Eye Cream and the Polishing Powder are both delightful to use. I also love Trilogy's Vital Moisturiser with SPF – it's a light yet nourishing cream and my skin just drinks it in.”


Ailbhe says: “My favourite product is The Cultured Food Company’s Organic Juniper Berry Raw Sauerkraut. It’s crisp and fresh for the summer season and I love to pair it with avocado toast. It has also got super tummy-loving benefits to help keep your gut in check.”


Fleur says: “I like Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil – it’s light and easy to take, doesn’t repeat or taste fishy and has a nice light lemon flavour. Yesterday I found myself watching TV without my glasses for an hour!”

The Health Store in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

In this issue sales associate Synolda Byrne, manager Jeniffer Tutty, deputy manager Ella Galatanu and supervisor Vicky Kukanauzaite test matcha tea, mushroom coffee, ashwaghanda and two natural skincare products

Store open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 6pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm.


Synolda says: “The herb I like to reach for is ashwaghanda. Its wonderful rejuvenating action lifts my mood and helps me cope with stress and anxiety. The most potent and faster acting is Wild Nutrition KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus. Whether I need energy or am feeling that I should take something for my immune system, it is my go-to support.”


Ella says: “I’m a fungi fanatic so I recommend Hifas De Terra Reishi powder. Known as ‘the mushroom of eternal youth’, reishi is a game changer supplement. Brilliant for hormone regulation, it is antiviral and strengthens the immune system. Also an adaptogen with anti-inflammatory benefits, it relaxes and stabilises the nervous system.”


Vicky says: “I can't imagine my morning without a cup of Koyu Matcha organic Ceremonial Green Tea, I simply love it. It provides a long-lasting energy boost, I feel it helps to relax the nervous system and increases concentration. This matcha green tea is the most powerful antioxidant available.”


Ella says: “Super foodies Focus Mushroom coffee with Chaga and Lions Mane is my favourite morning beverage to support my energy levels. It is made with 100% organic Columbian coffee and the added mushrooms do not overpower the taste. The perfect kickstart to the morning.”


Vicky says: “I love my Nutrivita organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil. It helps me to power up my fitness performance as well as an increase in the hormones that reduce appetite and makes me feel fuller. Nutriva MCT oil is a great choice for people who are willing to maximise their nutrition program.”


Jen says: “My two favourite skincare products at the moment are both from Kinvara, an Irish company. My first pick is their Absolute Cleansing Face Oil. It is suitable for all skin types, especially combination skin like my own. It cleanses, removes make-up, even eye make-up, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft, never tight or dry. It's made with organic sunflower, sesame and safflower oils and sweet orange, rosemary, cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils. I then follow up with Kinvara 24 Hour Rosehip Face Serum. Made with organic jojoba, evening primrose and rosehip oil to deeply nourish dry skin, it also contains lemon tea tree which helps clear up breakouts.”

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