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Simple Simon's Health Food in Donegal Town

Store manager Angela McGlanaghey and assistant manager Kelly Callaghan review a magnesium powder, a liquid multivitamin, a liquid probiotic, an ashwagandha supplement, collagen peptides and a turmeric supplement.

Magnesium powder
Angela says: "Mag 365 Bone Formula Magnesium Powder is my favourite supplement because it has so many benefits. Most of our customers looking for magnesium are suffering from leg cramps or sleep issues and we have found magnesium is great for both. I particularly like the bone formula one as it also contains vitamin D, K and zinc, so it's fantastic for overall bone support and health."

Liquid multivitamin
Kelly says: "NaturesPlus Source of Life Gold is easily one of our best-selling products! Source of Life Gold is a super strength multivitamin and mineral tonic containing everything you need for daily immunity. It is the first product we recommend to anyone looking for something to boost their energy levels or something to give their immune system a much-needed lift. It also contains no iron which means it's completely safe for those suffering from hemochromatosis."

Liquid probiotic
Angela says: "We have only started stocking Symprove, but we are already receiving fantastic feedback on it. Symprove is a liquid probiotic: a unique product on the Irish market. Because Symprove is in liquid form it's proven to reach the gut alive within 10 minutes and get to work. Gut issues are linked to so many ailments in the body, including skin issues, mood issues and much more. So, by improving your gut health you are giving your body the best chance you can."

Ashwagandha supplement
Kelly says: "One Nutrition Ashwagandha is easily my favourite supplement! For someone like me, who struggles with sleep, it's a wonder supplement. As an adaptogen it can be used for many different reasons, including anxiety and stress management. More recently we have noticed a huge uptake in people who do a lot of training using it for recovery and reducing fatigue post-workout."

Collagen peptides
Angela says: "We have seen a massive uptake in the demand for collagen in the last couple of years in our store. Collagen has so many benefits, including boosting gut health, supporting skin health, boosting hair strength and it's also an excellent protein source. We love NaturesPlus Collagen Peptides as it's a really high quality form, with four different types of collagen from superior sources, so it's a great all-rounder."

Turmeric supplement
Kelly says: "Taka Turmeric is another fan favourite from our customers including my own dad! A high strength turmeric supplement with black pepperine, Taka Turmeric can offer joint support for those who need it by reducing inflammation around the joints. A great value product with 500mg capsules, and 120 capsules per bottle, it means that one a day will last you for four months."

Loop de Loop Health Store in Castletownbere, Co Cork

This issue, Pearse Downey, retail assistant, and Frederika Le Cain, owner–manager, test out a scalp oil, snack bars, aronia juice, hair conditioner, B vitamin complex and throat spray.

Scalp oil
Frederika says: "Mindful Beauty is an Irish brand I love for their quality and pure ingredients. They have a Rosemary and Mint Scalp Oil I wouldn't do without. A couple of drops massaged into the scalp daily boosts the condition of the hair no end. I have noticed my hair is shinier, stronger and more supple since starting use of this product."

Snack bars
Pearse says: "Foods of Athenry have a fantastic range of gluten- and wheat-free snack bars. Whether it be a granola bar or an orange bar they are a great pick-me-up in the afternoon and a healthy snack during the day. They also offer vegan options like their Rocky Road Bar, and the cherry on top is they are all delicious."

Aronia juice
Frederika says: "I take a half glass a day of the amazing PhyterBerry Aronia Juice by Aronia Ireland. It is hugely beneficial as a source of polyphenols to help boost metabolic health. I find it curbs my sweetness cravings and balances my energy levels so I don't get that 3pm slump. It also works well for keeping the urinary tract healthy."

Hair conditioner
Pearse says: "JASÖN's Biotin hair conditioner is brilliant. I started using it when I had long hair to keep the ends in check. It was great at repairing the hair and I kept using it after going back to short hair."

B vitamin complex
Frederika says: "The Macanta supplement range is one of my most trusted brands. Clean, pure ingredients with no nasties and plenty of expertise behind them. Their vitamin B complex is a high potency wonder worker. Just one easy-swallow capsule daily gives your body the B vitamins it needs. Their many roles include energy production, nervous system balance and cognitive function, so they are crucial in managing stress, supporting brain activity such as memory and they keep me going while I run a busy health store."

Throat spray
Pearse says: "The Propolis Throat Spray by Bee Health is excellent. Whenever I find myself developing a tickly throat I make sure I pick up a bottle of this to get ahead of it. I've found that my dry or chesty coughs never develop. It is excellent for stopping a cough that could ruin your week in its tracks."

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