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Sonas Healthfoods in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

This issue owner-manager Rosemarie Bennis, nutritional therapist and retail assistant Rebecca Steele, senior retail assistant Triona Hayes, retail assistant Tom McNamara and barista and retail assistants Rachel O’Brien and Anita Crowley review organic kefir, glucosamine gel, magnesium powder and bircher muesli.


Rachel says: “I really enjoy Deliciously Ella Fruity Bircher Muesli for my breakfast. It becomes instantly creamy once milk is added. The chopped apple, raisin and raspberry chunks are evenly dispersed and add the perfect sweetness. Sunflower seeds and chia seed add quite a nice texture. I love the fact that there is no added sugar and it keeps me feeling full and nourished all morning.”


Anita says: “I drink Feel Good Organic Kefir every morning as it’s a good start to the day and I find it helpful for my gut health. My two year old niece drinks it too every morning so I love that it’s doing good for the whole family. That it’s from organic milk and is cultured properly by an Irish producer is an extra bonus. In the shop it is our best-selling kefir and attracts a loyal following.”


Rebecca says: “From time to time I suffer with stiffness and soreness in the joints of my hands. I take turmeric or boswellia to help but most recently I tried Optima Glucosamine Complex Gel which had an instantly soothing effect and calmed the heat and irritation in my hand joints. I now recommend it as a handy add-on to give relief from a most disagreeable ailment. The soreness and tightness in my hands greatly improved.”


Rosemarie says: “I really like the Mag365 range. Usually I take the plain magnesium but also Bone Formula which has added vitamins D, K and boron. The original, unflavoured version has a slightly zesty taste which works well in a cup of herbal tea at night. The formulation is ingenious. Magnesium carbonate, sourced from sea water, is ionised by the addition of hot water. This makes it highly absorbable and a very effective remedy for all sorts of ailments.”


Tom says: “I’ve used Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen ImmunoKomplex to help me get over a recent bout of cold and fatigue. I couldn’t believe how quickly it took effect and in the same day as my first dose could feel the benefit to my energy. It has immune-supporting nutrients cultivated in a yeast base that absorb extremely well and quickly at a cellular level. I would recommend taking ImmunoKomplex during or after an infection in order to best mobilise the immune cells into action.”


Triona says: “For a quick and wholesome lunch I often reach for a jar of Shines Tuna. The flavour and texture is incomparable. Once you switch to Shines you will be spoiled for life! The tuna is in steak-like chunks in olive oil that flake beautifully. Shines of Killybegs provide tuna and sardines of such high quality. It’s a wonderful Irish food brand.”

The Olive Branch in Clonakilty, Cork

This issue owner Olive Finn, nutritional therapist Aine O’Brien, nutritional therapist Janine Murphy, advisor/stock manager Bridget Healy review an omega oil, elderberry syrup, apple cider vinegar and heart support.


Olive says: “One of my all-time favourite winter remedies is Jamu from Mutonics made locally here in West Cork. A spicy infusion of fresh organic turmeric, black pepper, ginger, lemongrass and cinnamon, it has natural immune-boosting properties. It ticks every box for me with clean organic ingredients, locally sourced from a small independent family-run business.”


Aine says: “I recommend One Nutrition Q10-Max regularly as it sustains natural energy, may reduce free radical damage and supports heart health. It is an Irish product.”


Janine says: “Pukka Elderberry Syrup is my absolute ‘go to’ when I feel I might be coming down with something, especially at this time of year. It works every time! I also love chicory as a coffee substitute.”


Bridget says: “My day starts with a dose of omega oils. Olive has us on the go all day, so I really feel the good that Viridian Joint Omega Oil brings. It’s like oiling a rusty bike! Full of goodness, with the added benefit of pomegranate, turmeric and ginger. I’m an avid vegetable grower, so I need to keep my knees flexible.”


Olive says: “Daughters of Flowers Botanical Skincare have a range of delightful serums for all skin types. I’m loving starting my day with Sunshine and at night using Moonlight, I love the feel of having my skin nourished by these rejuvenating, light, skin-enriching products. Daughters of Flowers full range of products are hand made in small batches here in their studio in Clonakilty.”


Aine says: “Natural Rebel-Apple Cider Vinegar is a staple in my cupboard. It has so many benefits, from helping to regulate blood sugars, support digestion and aid detoxification. Its mild flavour makes it a pleasant taste, and it is made locally here in West Cork.”


Bridget says: “I spend a lot of time in the garden and delighted to have discovered Daughters of Flowers Lip Balms to nourish my lips and prevent chapping, there are three different ones, and my favourite is Posie.”

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