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Natural Therapies - Sound Healing

The sound of healing

Norah Coyne is a Galway-based sound healing practitioner, healing intuitive, physical therapist and teacher. It was during a personal session 10 years ago that she realised the powerful intensity of sound and its benefits and decided to train and research in sound healing therapy. She now works with clients on a one-to-one basis, in groups, sound baths and in the special needs environment.

This is Sarah’s story, a working mother with three children who presented to me after iodine treatment for a thyroid imbalance. Sarah* was very lethargic and could hardly get out of bed or walk very far, tired all the time and prone to mood swings – one moment in tears and another full of anger. She was desperate for help. She came for four treatments and during each treatment I carried out a similar treatment protocol.

My initial tests showed an imbalance of energy flow; depletion in the stomach and excess in the head. I used specific Tibetan bowls for the head, solar plexus, and stomach and feet area. Starting with Sarah lying face up, I played the bowls on and around her body. I could immediately see her body calming down as I played each bowl and allowed them to ring out, I then moved to her head and feet playing the bowls.

When I felt she was calm and ready I left the bowl at the head ringing out and played a bowl on her stomach, then gently tapping and raising a bowl around the head area to disperse the excess energy in the head, and spiralling the bowl down to her stomach area to replace the depletion by bringing the energy down from the head to the stomach several times. Sarah dropped her arms outwards as she opened up more to receive the vibrational energy. I then played a bowl at her feet to bring the energy into balance before turning Sarah over onto her front.

Once turned, I placed bowls on her spine behind her abdomen and heart, I placed a little warm water in each and proceeded to play the bowls whilst on her spine, gently tapping first then rimming gently. She felt comfort from the warm water and vibration almost immediately. I carried on for 10-15 minutes, putting a little more warm water in each time as it cooled. I then emptied and replaced the bowls on and around the body and tapped them in sequence to sound out to silence and then left her for a minute or two for things to settle.

I used my pendulum to recheck the areas were balanced. I then picked up the ocean drum and played it over her body from head to toe for about five minutes to ground her and then left her for five minutes on the couch to settle before assisting her off the couch and giving her a glass of water.

Sarah’s feedback after four sessions was that after two weeks her energy and mood levels increased dramatically and after the third treatment she did a 5km walk. Her thyroid medication has also now been reduced which she is very happy about, and although I did stress to her that no treatment should replace conventional medication she truly believes that it was the sound healing that improved her energy and moods from the first treatment. As her energy levels were improving, her medication was reduced by her doctor.

Tell me about Sound Healing

When your body is in perfect health and all the parts are vibrating to the correct note, your body is like an orchestra playing beautiful music with different body parts all vibrating at their own unique frequency. When the body parts are playing the right note and vibrating in harmony, energy flows through your healthy body like a river or stream, through a network of meridians and chakras. However stress, negative emotions and thoughts, even the foods we eat affect the flow of energy, causing energy blocks.

When the energy gets blocked, the body part where the blockage is can no longer play the right note. Although we may not be able to hear this, the body will display symptoms that let us know when something is wrong and it needs to be brought back in tune. Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing. It is non-intrusive – there is no touching, no needles, no pain or manipulation involved. As our body is made up of mostly water, sound can travel to the cells and tissues, joints and nervous system and any other part it needs to assist us in removing blockages. We can use various instruments or our voice to bring about natural waves of sound to help empower an individual to self-heal themselves, as sound helps their journey mentally, physically, emotional and spiritually, to bring them back together as a whole. The powerful intensity of its benefits can especially help the joints and nervous system.

Norah Coyne – Tel: 087-0563411


* Not her real name

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