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Spring into action

Say goodbye to winter skin and embrace the new, decidedly spring-ier you

Let’s face it, for all the snuggling up in front of the fire and hot chocolate, we’re all ready to wave goodbye to the cold and start to look to warmer times ahead. Not least because all that cold weather has left our skin feeling far from its best.

When the cold temperature hits, humidity levels drop and the drier the air, the more moisture is sucked out of our skin, which results in dry and flaky patches. Central heating doesn’t help either – it saps the humidity levels even further and can cause your skin to become flaky and irritated. Going from the cold outdoors into a centrally heated house and vice-versa can take its toll on the complexion and can cause broken capillaries and skin redness. In short – cold weather equals dry, dull skin.

Hallelujah though, spring is so nearly here and with an increase of humidity, our skin perks up and gets its gorgeous healthy glow back in time for summer. As our skin tends to hold more water in the spring and summer months, there’s no need to use as much protection so we can move to lighter skincare products. Opt for natural products which will help to brighten, hydrate and exfoliate your skin and contain natural and organic ingredients.

Facial fluids or light moisturising creams that contain hyaluronic acid and antioxidants are ideal, such as Lavera Neutral Facial Fluid which is perfect for very sensitive skin and at this time of year. It’s a lightweight fluid with essential fatty acids that helps to boost hydration levels in your skin. It is anti-irritating to help soothe your central heating parched skin. Or for that extra boost try the Fair Squared Argan Face Cream which is enriched with fair-trade Argan oil to nourish dry winter skin and bring back its vitality and luminosity for the warmer months ahead.

Exfoliation is also key at this time of year – it helps remove dead skin cells and the build-up of impurities on the skin while helping to unblock clogged pores, allowing your skin to breathe. The Aloree Detox Face Scrub Kit is like a mini-spa facial in a box – add the dry mix of alfalfa and olive seeds to your favourite light cleanser and get scrubbing.

The mighty witch hazel is one of our hero ingredients at this time of year – it’s mildly antiseptic, full of antioxidants and freshens the skin ready for spring. Organic Witch Hazel Floral Water from Primavera is just the ticket. Keep it in your handbag for an on-the-go freshen up.

With a little TLC and a few natural skincare essentials, your skin will be glowing before you know it.

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