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What Our Readers Say About Rude Health Magazine

Looking forward to seeing more issues as it's my favourite read

- Kim, Co Wexford

I read it to find out more about natural products that I can find in my health food shop

- Laura, Portlaoise

I love the fact that it is seasonal and tells me what to do. It's an interesting read and allows me to catch up on new products

- Catherine, Dublin

I look forward to reading Rude Health, it's so informative

- LuLu, Dublin

I love this magazine so much that I head out for it

- Emma, Drumcondra

Very good. Enjoyable. I read it from cover to cover

- Marta, Dublin

We love your magazine! It's terrific!

- Marie, Dublin

It's brilliant

- Maria, Galway

I always bring one home from the health shop

- Anne, Ennis

Good information on specialised goods and natural remedies

- Anne, Dublin

I look forward to reading Rude Health. Well done

- Maureen, Tipperary

I love the cover - it's very striking. I liked the weight loss feature too. It was very interesting

- Roisin O'Leary, Dalkey

Really eye catching with some interesting articles

- Orla Tierney, Malahide

Excellent read. It's good that someone is standing up to the medical quacks re echinacea!

- Deirdre Stanley, Greystones

Great to see a strong brand emerge providing a channel for informing the public on maximising health naturally

- Bernadette, Dublin

Fab articles. A good read. I found the stress feature particularly interesting

- Sinead MacGowan, Killiney

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