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Traveller's tummy

By nutritionist and CNM graduate Claire Nix

It’s that time of year! Dust off the suitcase, break out the bathing suit, and get the flips ready to flop. These all-important elements to a great holiday are easy to remember, but one thing we should not forget is how to keep our tummies healthy and happy as we travel abroad to foreign lands. What a shame it would be to arrive at a holiday destination, having worked hard with the intention of enjoying some well-deserved down time, only to experience a bout of diarrhoea or some other type of unwanted gut upset.

All too often, we arrive at holiday destinations and realise that the change in food, water or climate has caused an overgrowth of bad bacteria which can flourish when we find our gut system getting ‘stressed out’. For some, this can begin to rear its ugly head before the holiday even begins as the stress of the travel ahead allows the bad bacteria to overtake our store of the good. This then, is the perfect time to protect ourselves and our gut with a probiotic formula with enough multi-strains to give the gut the essential support it needs.You could try Bio-Kult as an example, for more details visit www.scopehealthcare.ie

Ideally, take your probiotic two weeks before travel, during your holiday and for a further two weeks after returning home. Some probiotics can be taken by the whole family, so you might find this a simpler option to keep all of you fit, healthy and happy while you’re away.

Guarantee the bacterial cultures remain live and active by choosing a product which doesn’t require refrigeration, so that if you’re travelling around, the health benefits won’t be compromised and you can easily take it anytime, anywhere.

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