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Well and Good in Midleton, Co Cork

This issue Noelle Geary, Liz Clancy, Ditte Friedrich, Jill Bell, Vicky Wesley and Gemma Hallissey test colloidal silver, camu camu, magnesium and lion’s mane mushrooms.

Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9.30am-5pm

Body oil
Noelle says: “Dublin Herbalist’s Body Oil is a luxurious and gorgeous smelling addition to my day. Highly moisturising, relaxing and calming - plus it also makes a great gift.”

Lion’s mane mushrooms
Liz says: “My need to concentrate and absorb new information has rocketed since joining Well and Good, and I’ve found Lion’s Mane mushrooms really work for me. They are known to stimulate the growth of brain cells, and may also boost immunity.”

Magnesium with B6
Ditte says: “Viridian High Potency Magnesium with B6 is a lifesaver in menopause. Vitamin B6 helps with the absorption of magnesium, and together they help with hormonal issues and relax the mind.”

Jill says: “Citricidal is a medicine chest in a tiny bottle. Great for students taking a year out in strange places likely to encounter dodgy water and hungry insects, and in my house for everything from tummy upsets to cleaning up after animals and small kids.”

Colloidal silver
Vicky says: “Colloidal silver is a staple in my house used for all sorts of issues from wounds and grazes to spritzing on toothbrush heads and freshly pierced ears! It always travels with me, and I also subject my kids to a quick spray before school in the morning to help keep bugs at bay.”

Camu camu
Gemma says: “I love the herb camu camu. It is highly antioxidant and rich in vitamin C, is easy to digest and strongly anti-viral as well as being anti-inflammatory.”

Harvest Fare in Blessington, Co Wicklow

Owner manager Martha Brennan and sales assistants Sinead Hamilton, Laura McAllister and Marie Finlayson review roasted flaxseeds, a thyroid support, natural cough syrup and d-mannose for UTIs.

Sinead says: “My go-to, to combat UTIs is Healthreach D-Mannose. Increasing the dose to three times a day along with a good probiotic helps alleviate symptoms. I suffer with reoccurring UTIs, I take one at night to help keep them at bay.”

Laura says: “I have been taking Nature’s Plus Collagen Peptides for the last six months, mainly to help with aches and pains due to menopause. I was also recently diagnosed with osteopenia. I take one scoop in the morning in a glass of water and it tastes not bad.”

Multivitamin drink
Marie says: “Oxylent is an effervescent multivitamin drink which in my opinion ticks all the boxes. I find it to be a powerful health food supplement which includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and amino acids. With CoQ10, it is great for combating everyday fatigue and is especially good as a pick-me-up during or after illness.”

Roasted flaxseeds
Martha says: “Belmont Foods Roasted Flaxseeds are genuinely so tasty that they are now part of my daily routine. The roasting process means that the seed is crunchy and the oils are available to the body. We’re all a bit addicted to them in our house.”

Omega liquid
Sinead says: “I’m taking Nordic Naturals Omega 369 liquid to help alleviate symptoms of PMS and perimenopause. It has borage oil that helps balance hormones and vitamin D to help with mood in dark winter months.”

Thyroid support
Laura says: “I started taking Viridian Thyroid Complex about 12 months ago, after a routine blood test showed my thyroid was underactive. I was very tired all the time, and just generally not feeling great. As well as iodine and selenium, Thyroid Complex provides vitamins B1, B2 and B3 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness. I highly recommend it.”

Cough syrup
Marie says: “Puressentiel Respiratory Cough Syrup is fantastic for relieving and calming an annoying cough and wheezy chest. The soothing blend of plants like marshmallow, echinacea, propolis and oils of rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint combined with glycerine and honey really does work immediately on any irritation in the throat and chest.”

Martha says: “Viridian Magnesium Bisglycinate works for me for sleep where others haven’t. The dose per capsule is 160mg and two of these does the trick for me. I have customers suffering from migraine who have found it has really helped them. Glycine, which the magnesium is bound to, brings it across the blood-brain barrier so it is great for insomnia, anxiety and headaches.”

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