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Power into spring

Find out the best ways to keep fit and motivated as we move into longer days from the Rude Health magazine fitness experts
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Flexible friend

Why yoga is the perfect exercise for all ages and abilities, by our Rude Health magazine fitness expert
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A marathon task

At the age of 23 and in her first Dublin Marathon Courtney McGuire crossed the line with a time of 2:32:50, seventh on the Irish women’s all-time list. She finished third overall.
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On mass

How to increase and maintain muscle mass as you age. The Rude Health magazine experts have the answers
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Fitness myths

We ask Rude Health's panel of fitness experts to reveal the truth about the most common fitness myths we have all heard
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Mindset for weight loss

January is peak joining-a-gym-and-going-on-a-diet. Rude Health fitness expert Alan Williams’s new book Weight Loss Simplified has some great advice for anyone looking to change their body by changing their mindset
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Top fitness tips for home workers

More of us are working from home, and while it has many benefits it can be hard to keep motivated to keep our fitness levels up. Rude Health magazine asked experts from the exercise world for top tips and simple, fun ways to keep fit at home.
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Exercise whatever your age

The best exercises you can do at any age
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The new face of exercise

Exercise has a crucial role to play in keeping us fit and positive in the face of a global pandemic that affects us all. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had a major effect on how we exercise, with more people exercising at home, out walking and running in the fresh air and a new phenomenon, the online exercise routine run by experienced fitness coaches
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Calm your body and mind

Exercise, meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques can all help us to achieve a better body by calming the stress response and taking control of our physical and emotional selves
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Exercising at home

Have you ever joined a gym only to use it a handful of times then abandoned it due to time constraints and inconvenience? You wouldn’t be alone. Here’s how to get the same benefits – from home. Plus expert tips on how to thrive on home workouts
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Inspect a gadget

Fitness gadgets, trackers and apps have never been more popular. We ask the experts which they use and why
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Get ready to run Dublin

Taking part in the Dublin marathon on Sunday October 27th? Check out our expert tips for a great day
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Get fit with the family

Having a family may be time-consuming, but it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. We asked some fitness experts how to keep in shape
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Hot new fitness trends for 2019

Like to try out new exercise routines? Check out these expert recommended options coming to a gym or studio near you
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Fad-free and fabulous

It’s another New Year, the time when more people join a gym than any other. So how can you set realistic goals for weight loss, detox and overall fitness? Rude health magazine asks the experts for their top advice
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Staying supple

Maintaining free movement as we age is core to our general health and wellbeing. We ask the experts about yoga, t’ai chi and pilates.
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A little help from sports supplements

We look at the best supplements for peak performance
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Get set for your best marathon yet

Running a marathon is a real achievement, but it takes some planning and commitment to be run-ready. Rude Health magazine asks three marathon runners for their top tips
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Take 5

We ask fitness experts for their top five exercises for improving your overall health and wellbeing...
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Top new fitness trends for 2018

Check out the new exercise crazes coming to a gym near you this year...
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Your New Year diet & fitness overhaul

Extreme diets and punishing or time-consuming fitness regimes are not sustainable long term. If you want to overhaul your diet and fitness, focus on making gradual, achievable changes that become healthy habits and part of your everyday life...
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Your pre-Christmas work-out

How to beat the bulge if you over-indulge with these expert tips...
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Follow our expert advice for dealing with exercise-related injuries such as sprains, aches and pains...
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Take 5

Natalya Coyle is an Irish double Olympian in Modern Pentathlon which comprises five sports – running, swimming, shooting, horse-riding and fencing. She competed in the London 2012 Olympics and Rio 2016 Olympics. She recently graduated college with a BA in Business and is Aramark Health and Wellbeing ambassador for Ireland....
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Get Dublin marathon ready

Improving your stamina, endurance and training in time for the Dublin Marathon. Check out what the Rude Health fitness experts have to say
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Water works

Don’t get dehydrated when out and about exercising this summer. Find out what advice the Rude Health experts have for you
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Your personal fitness plan

Want to get fitter but not sure where to start? Take the advice of the Rude Health fitness experts and really notice the difference...

Your personal fitness plan

Try something new today

It’s the New Year and many of us turn our thoughts to getting fit and toning up. So what’s new to get you moving? We ask the experts...

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Motivate yourself this winter

“I’ve got to start exercising. I have put on weight, I’ve no energy. I’ve really got to do something about this now. I know, I’ll join the gym, start running and cut out the chocolate.” Do these words sound familiar? Have you started, stopped, started again, stopped again? Find out how you can keep motivated through the winter with Rude Health’s fitness experts

“We all want to be fit and healthy but the reality is it takes time, commitment and patience. We start with great intentions, but circumstance, lifestyle and motivation often get in the way.”

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Build muscle,burn fat

Rude Health magazine asked two super fit experts to give us their tips for how to build muscle and burn fat

“Burning fat and building muscle, although related, are two separate entities. There is a common misconception that you can turn fat into muscle. Unfortunately, this is not true. It’s physiologically impossible to turn fat into muscle because each is an entirely different type of body tissue with a different cell type (fat is made up of adipose tissue, while muscle is made of protein).

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Shape up for summer

Healthy eating, small lifestyle changes and moderate exercise are the keys to weight loss

“To lose weight safely and keep it off stick to a nutritious balanced diet filled with fresh vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, proteins and healthy fats and avoid processed foods,” says Lucy Kerr of The Good Earth in Kilkenny. “Consuming foods that are high in fibre can help keep digestion flowing smoothly and help keep you fuller for longer.”

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Island life

Take advantage of all the water fitness options available in Ireland this summer, whether it’s sea swimming, rowing or surfing – there’s something for everyone

“The best way to get involved in open water swimming would be to join a club,” says Bethany Carson of Swim Ireland, a former Irish national swimmer and national record holder.

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Budget exercise

Getting enough exercise into your life and enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to break the bank

“It is that time of year again when all attention focuses on health and fitness,” says Carl Cautley of Health & Fitness Together, Ranelagh, Dublin 6. “It would be my recommendation to look long term. Don’t look for the quick fix, it doesn’t work and can be harmful as most solutions are not safe or sustainable.”

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Get set for 2016

Every year brings new fitness and sports nutrition trends, and 2016 will be no exception

“2015 really saw the growth of the adventure race with multi-events over different locations during the year such as Tough Mudder, Hell & Back and Spartan races,” says Tom Dalton of TD Fitness in Blackrock, Dublin.

“Another trend is technology helping us track our progress, with watches, smart phones and pedometers. We absolutely love tracking ourselves and being able to monitor the most minute of changes in our fitness, health and physiology. We crave the moment we can upload the data and compare it to where we were before.”

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Sacred heart

Look after your heart if you want to live a healthy life. There has never been a better time to take stock and follow this expert advice than during September, Irish Heart Month

Number one killer

“Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in Ireland claiming one life here every hour,” says Dr Angie Brown, medical director of the Irish Heart Foundation.

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Hot hydration

Getting enough fluids during exercise is important, especially during the warmer months. Rude Health talks to the experts about effective hydration and preparing for the Dublin marathon later this year

Running out of fluids

Jim Aughney is Race Director of the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon: “When you run, you sweat. The more you sweat, the more your blood volume decreases and the harder your heart has to work to deliver oxygen to your working muscles. Dehydration can make you feel uncomfortable and cause you to slow down. Drinking while you run will limit these negative effects of dehydration.”

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A photo of a woman with free weights

Get back

If you have back pain you may think you cannot exercise, but there are options out there that should actually help. Rude Health talks to the experts

The gym expert

Carl Cautley of Fitness Together in Ranelagh, Dublin 6: “The back is made up of 29 bones called vertebrae plus the coccyx. Each vertebra in your spine is separated and cushioned by an intervertebral disc – this keeps the bones from rubbing together. The spine has three natural curves that form an S- shape. It allows us to absorb shock and move in different ways. However, the skeletal system is supported by a strong muscular system. The stronger and better balanced the muscular system, the less chance of injury or chronic pain.

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A photo of a woman on an exercise bike

Class of 2015

Every year exercise trends change and new ways of moving your body become popular. Rude Health magazine asked Carl Cautley of Fitness Together in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 ( to give us his predictions for the most popular fitness trends in Ireland for 2015, all available in a class or a gym near you.

1 Body weight training
What is it? “Using your own body weight as resistance. Training in the right way, you can target all the different body parts and also get a great cardiovascular workout.”

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A photo of a woman on an exercise bike

The perfect gym for you

Just how can you ensure you pick the best gym for you? We find out...

Hands up whoever has joined a gym in the New Year in a bid to work off the pounds accumulated while eating mince pies in front of the fire? Many of us have had the best intentions once the festive season is over, but the problem is keeping it up when it’s much more tempting to stay in. Choosing a gym that suits your lifestyle will really help you to stick with your exercise program and get trim and fit for spring. Rude Health magazine asked for advice on picking the best gym for you from the experts.

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A photo of a woman doing yoga

And Relax...

Relaxation is not just about that five minute warm down you do after a workout, it plays a crucial role in the body’s overall wellbeing. Rude Health consults the experts...

The importance of relaxation

Carl Cautley of Fitness Together in Ranelagh, Dublin 6: “it’s important to distinguish between active relaxation and general downtime such as pub, cinema, eating out etc. Active relaxation can come in many forms and improve both mental and physical health. Sometimes you can combine both or do them separately. For example, go for a walk and actively listen to all the different sounds. This both stimulates you physically but also calms your mind.”

A photo of a woman running

Run for your life

The Dublin Marathon will see thousands of people running for charity on Monday October 27th. Rude Health magazine looks at how best to prepare for a marathon or other run.

"Anyone can do it as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare and set a realistic goal for yourself”, says Carl Cautley, owner of Ranelagh personal training studio Fitness Together. “However, if you have an injury, health or medical condition, get medical advice before starting.”

“A marathon is an achievable goal for most people once you take the time to put in sufficient preparation in advance,” says Jim Aughney, Race Director, SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon.

A photo of a woman with a bottle of water after exercise

Drinking it in

The human body is more than 60% water, so when you exercise in warm weather it’s important to stay hydrated. Rude Health asks the experts for their top hydration tips.

What's the problem?

“Hydration is one of the most important factors when planning training, especially during warm weather,” according to Tony McMahon in-house sports massage therapist at Nice and Natural Cootehill, Co Cavan.

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A photo of a woman with arms raised triumphantly

Motivate yourself

Staying motivated to stick to a new exercise regime can be a serious challenge, especially when you need to leave the house on a rainy day. So how can you keep going when all you want to do is sit on the couch?

“In recent years everybody’s lives have become more stressful, primarily due to the pressures of the recession,” says Carl Cautley, owner of Ranelagh personal training studio Fitness Together.

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Tone that tummy

The season of excess is long gone, but many of us are left with a larger spare tyre than we planned, and finding it hard to shift. Unfortunately there is no magic pill we can take to make it disappear, but Rude Health magazine’s advice may help you tone that tum.

Start by taking a long hard (and honest!) look at your diet. Is it as healthy as it could be? Do you eat the right balance of foods? Pack your shopping trolley with fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains, good quality protein and healthy nuts and seeds and try to cook from fresh ingredients as much as you can. Avoid ready meals as they contain high levels of sugar and salt. If you eat too much salt, your stomach will retain water and give you a bloated look.
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New Year, New You
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