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Get set for 2016

Every year brings new fitness and sports nutrition trends, and 2016 will be no exception

“2015 really saw the growth of the adventure race with multi-events over different locations during the year such as Tough Mudder, Hell & Back and Spartan races,” says Tom Dalton of TD Fitness in Blackrock, Dublin.

“Another trend is technology helping us track our progress, with watches, smart phones and pedometers. We absolutely love tracking ourselves and being able to monitor the most minute of changes in our fitness, health and physiology. We crave the moment we can upload the data and compare it to where we were before.”

Tom’s top fitness trends for 2016:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):
HIIT involves short bursts of activity followed by a short period of rest or recovery. These exercise programs are usually performed in less than 30 minutes.

Zuu Training:
Created in Australia Zuu is a new workout using primal movement patterns. It’s dynamic, intense and downright tough. You can expect improvements in fitness, strength, endurance and shape.

High intensity functional movement training has grown its own fitness community. It’s so popular that you can now watch the CrossFit Games on TV.

Corporate Wellness:
Health programs are growing as companies have to make sure they offer their staff the chance to improve and maintain fitness and energy levels.

Coming to a gym near you?

Keep an eye out for these fitness classes currently popular in the US that could be heading your way.

Rebounding –
mini trampolining has been given a new name and includes a lot more moves than just jumping up and down. Squats, knee raises and other moves are incorporated into a joint-friendly, low-impact workout.

Aerial yoga –
let gravity help you to really stretch out those yoga moves when done hanging from a hammock, nets and ropes. Not for the faint hearted or unfit as it can be quite challenging.

Indoor surfing –
when the sea is too cold or not close enough you can take a class in stationary surfing which includes balance exercises and aerobics as well as squats and jumps on a surf board.

Cardio tennis –
perform tennis moves to up-tempo music and benefit from some great cardio exercises and a fun workout

Fitness nutrition

“Many people are choosing coconut water over commercial sports drinks because it contains electrolytes like potassium. It is low fat, low calorie and free from any artificial additives and sweeteners,” says clinical and sports nutritionist Niamh Arthurs who works in Nourish in Dublin’s Liffey St. “However, it is low in sodium which is important for rehydration, so for increased benefits mix in some sea salt for during exercise and protein powder for post-exercise recovery.

“How well-nourished and hydrated your body is pre-workout can affect performance and recovery. Ensure that you stay well hydrated throughout the day and during the days before exercise with plenty of fluids. Top up during prolonged workouts with quick energy-releasing snacks such as bananas, raisins, natural fruit and nut bars.”

Bum deal

Stephanie Sinnott of Baby Body Fit who runs exercise classes for expectant and new mums in Dublin and Cork says: “Whether it’s Lycra-clad actresses doing aerobics, or a hardcore spinning class, the fitness industry is always changing. This year, we’ve seen a big emphasis on bums. Squats are in – it’s all about that toned behind.”

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