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Tried & Tested - September/October 2014

How Irish Association of Health Stores staff rate what they sell...

The Health Store in Dundrum Town Centre

Manager John Halpin, deputy manager Marjan Majidi, Harsha Pusadapu, Danielle Begley, and Francesco Polito review a face cream, matcha tea, multivitamins and magnesium:


Harsha says: Natures Plus Source of Life GOLD. Is a multinutrient that comes in a few different forms – tablet, chewable, gummy and liquid. I take it every day. It is a dark green liquid that looks like it should taste awful, but doesn’t. I have lots more energy when I take it.


Danielle says: I work in a shopping centre and to avoid the drying effects of the artificial lighting and the air conditioning, I use Dr Hauschka Quince Day Cream. It locks in moisture and I feel protected all day.


Marjan says: I take probiotics all year round, because of IBS and colitis, and have found Udo’s Super 8 to be one of the best. It helps with bloating, discomfort and indigestion. I take it first thing in the morning and am fine for the rest of the day.


John says: I started using Better You Magnesium Oil after pulling a muscle in my back. When that episode was over, the half-used bottle was consigned to the bathroom cabinet – until I woke one night with a leg cramp, and found it again. Since then, I use it most days, rubbing it into the back of my knees.


Francesco says: I took the yellow Matcha tea for a few weeks while very busy with work, study and clinical practice. I needed something to help with sleep. The benefits of L-Theanine are well documented and I managed to relax more and sleep longer. I will definitely recommend it for relaxation, energy release and its antioxidant benefits.

Nuts and Grains in Mullingar, Co Westmeath

Owner Marion Moffatt and shop assistants Rebecca Rigney, Ann McGowan, Donna Ansley, Justin Moffatt and Ann Marie Stenson test skin products, ice-cream, tea and coconut oil:


Rebecca says: “I’ve been using Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil for about three weeks and I’ve seen a big difference in my skin. My old acne scars are healing and my skin is soft and smooth. Since I started using it frown lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows are vanishing!”


Ann says: “My favourite product is Dr Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream. I use it most days as it hydrates my skin without being oily. It’s so simple to apply – it’s a dream! It feels quite therapeutic, probably because the subtle perfume nourishes the senses!”


Donna says: “My favourite product is the multifunctional Biona Coconut Oil. I cook with it, rub it on my skin and take it internally to discourage bad bacteria in my stomach. I also slosh it around my mouth in the mornings to draw out bacteria, strengthen my gums and prevent tartar build-up. It makes a great lip balm and is the main ingredient in my super-effective home-made deodorant!”


Justin says: “I’d describe myself as a tea fanatic. Having tried literally hundreds of Earl Grey teas I can hand-on-heart say that Niks Tea Earl Grey Special is the best. Only the best quality ingredients go into all of her loose-leaf blends and I usually brew mine up in my super-convenient, funky, Finum Traveller Brew Cup.”


Marion says: “When it comes to ice-cream I normally love them all! That was until Nobo rocked onto the market – the Fresh Lemon and Vanilla Coconut varieties are delicious but the Chocolate & Toasted Almond is simply out of this world! It’s made from the finest ingredients and topped off with crunchy toasted almonds. My only problem with it is allowing the 15-20 minutes out of the freezer to reach its optimum yummieness!


Ann Marie says: “My favourite product at the moment has to be Solgar’s Theanine supplement. Not only does it improve mental and physical performance – it leaves me feeling cool, calm and collected all within a half an hour!”

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