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Tried & Tested - March/April 2015

How Irish Association of Health Stores staff rate what they sell...

Healthy Living Centre, Athy, Co Kildare

This issue Brid Cunningham, Roxanne Treacy and Kevin Connolly review skin products, superfoods, seeds and B-complex:


Roxanne says: “I’ve been using Lavera 2 in 1 facial milk for years – I find it brilliant for removing my make-up. It soothes my sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It’s organic and easy on the pocket too.”


Brid says: “I love Chia seeds. I add them to my granola bars, smoothies and dinners. They are a great source of omega-3, minerals and protein. I find them good for keeping energy levels up for my active lifestyle.”


Kevin says: “I love Pukka Vitalise Powder. Its combination of organic foods gives the body huge levels of vitamins. This superfood mix lifts people’s energy levels every time. Pukka are in the process of reformulating at the moment, lets hope it’s not changed too much!”


Roxanne says: “One of my favourite supplements is Terranova B-Complex with vitamin C. I have being using it for the last year and I find the combination of ingredients has worked really well, especially around stressful times.”


Brid says: “Recently a customer of ours had success with grapefruit seed extract. They applied it (diluted) to an area on the skin that had a minor fungal infection – with excellent results.”

Here’s Health, Douglas, Patrick St and Wilton in Cork

This issue staff review hemp protein, a light moisturiser, stress relief products, a B-complex and antioxidant:


Annie Hogg of Douglas says: “A B-complex with magnesium is a great daily supplement, especially alongside a good omega-3 oil. It’s great for reducing any ‘drama’ which may ensue with premenstrual tension. My top tip for these, however, is to pop one around the 3pm slump instead of a coffee – far more enlivening for brain function, concentration and gives me energy well into the evening.”


Karolina Krzemianowska of Douglas says: “Good Hemp Protein is a great source of plant-based protein. It is perfect for smoothies and protein shakes as it is easy to digest and has a comprehensive amino acid profile. I also use it for making raw energy balls and other healthy snacks. Good Hemp also provides plenty of fibre and omega-3 and -6 – it is so useful I always have some in my kitchen.”


Julie Bennett of Patrick St says: “I discovered Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream a couple of months ago and I love it. It is so light and so moisturising. It keeps my skin healthy and energised, I use it on my face and neck and it is like a wake-up call in the morning. My skin feels soft and smooth and the active manuka honey keeps it clear and fresh.”


Fan Binder of Patrick St says: “Solgar Beta Glucan Complex is my little helper during the cold season. It stimulates my immune system and helps to keep those nasty colds, flus and bugs at bay. Since I started taking it I get over colds quicker. I take two capsules every day and if I feel a bit under the weather I up my vitamin C for a day or two.”


Jess Benson of Wilton says: “I recommend CherryActive because of its very high concentration of antioxidants. I have given it to members of my family with joint problems and for muscle recovery after training – not only has it reduced the pain and speeded up muscle recovery, but it also helped them sleep better. I recommend taking 30ml CherryActive mixed with 300-500ml of filtered water in the morning or after training to reduce uric acid levels in the body.”


Dolores Dermody of Wilton says: “In the 15 years I have practised as an alternative therapist, I have seen a huge increase in people looking for natural remedies for stress support. My favourite is Solgar Balance Rhodiola Complex. Rhodiola increases tolerances to various stresses such as mental, physical and emotional stress. It is non-addictive and beneficially modifies the stress response in the body.”

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